Top Tips on Starting Your Own Co-Working Space If you are a freelancer or you run your own company, you might find that you spend much time at home, working. Although for some people this is the ideal situation, for others it can be a bit of a distraction. Some people also miss the interaction with others and the networking involved.

There are ways to find a solution to such a problem. You can hire office space for you and others to work in, while sharing an office environment. Many people are now considering how to start a coworking space for them and others to utilize; no matter one another’s industries or niches. The popularity for shared working environments has increased with more new businesses not being able to afford a whole office space.

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Where to start

Before you look around for space to create your coworking environment, you should see if there would be enough interest to make it viable. It will also give you an indication of the scale you will need. Try creating a group on Facebook or another social networking site and invite your friends to join.

Even if you do not get much response early on, you can still generate enough interest to invest in a small office, with the potential for expansion. Before sharing an office space, make sure to meet up with your fellow coworkers a couple of times. Get to know one another, otherwise, your working environment may suffer.

You can also look at joining a pre-existing coworking franchise; the hard work of setting one up has already been taken care of.

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What will it look like?

These spaces are designed to be open, stylish and very contemporary; this can cost money, so you need to think about what the cost will be to your customers. Do you want to achieve a profit from this? Alternatively, do you want to break even and just be creative?

Either way, you need to make your space inviting, and yet, a good place to sit down and work on projects with concentration. This is the principal behind many of the coworking spaces that have been created.


The location of your coworking space needs to be easy to get to and safe for those working inside. Old buildings that have been unused for a while often make the best places because they are usually cost effective, however, make sure to check the safety of an unused building beforehand.

You want somewhere that has good public transport connections and parking for those who will be traveling by car. The inside must be safe and dry; you do not want to work in a moldy office. You also need to ensure that the heating, electricity, and toilets are also working and safe to use so that no accidents occur. The landlord should check the utilities, so make sure you know your rights and what is to be expected from your landlord.

Having your own space to work can be the best way to channel your creativity; it also encourages working together, and it may develop into other bigger ventures between you and your coworkers at a later date.