A wedding for every girl is a matter of life. While still very young, the young lady is already pleased to present herself in the image of a beautiful bride in a long, romantic dress, and even tries to create her own unique wedding image with the help of refined fabrics or tulle.

The famous designers are approaching the creation of an exciting image of the bride using all their imagination. After all, the wedding fashion does not stand still, it reacts vividly to all changes and demonstrates new bold images.

Modern trends are distinguished by a great variety of styles, from a well-forgotten old one from the 60s of the 20th century, to bold ultramodern solutions.

Many fashion designers showed on their models sexy dresses with elegant and deep V-neck. In combination with other fashion trends, a deep neckline intercepted the curious public at all times.

The length of the wedding dresses varied boldly from a mini to a traditional maximum length. The average length of the midi dress returned from the 60s to emphasize the slender legs of the bride.

The fashion trend of the wedding fashion in 2017 is the use of a brilliant satin and the ability to beat its elasticity and density to create many unique images.

By adding lace to the image of the wedding dress, fashion designers have achieved a harmonious combination of restraint and luxury. Conservative lace sleeves also look very noble this year.

The designers Inbal Dror and Vera Wang presented revolutionary semi-transparent wedding dresses. The fine mesh of the main material is almost invisible on the female body, which looks on the verge of nudity of the model. Lace and prints on this outfit give the image a little chastity and sound balance.

Trend - Clean & Simple

One of the most refreshing wedding trends is "simple" wedding dresses made of crepe, taffeta and silk shantung without voluminous structured skirts and without any decor embroidery and lace.

Trend - Short skirts

This version of a wedding dress is not very popular, but one of the most original. It is perfect for an informal wedding and a bold bride!

Trend - Gentle pastel

For several seasons, pink is the key color of fashion for brides. In the wedding collections of 2017, we see it again in many shades, from a delicate powder pink to bright magenta.

Trend - Open Shoulders

A bare shoulder and a slack sleeve is one of the major fashion trends in 2017. Many brides prefer to emphasize the grace of the shoulder giving a touch of casual glamor to the deflated shoulder line or deep neckline.

Trend - Long sleeves

 Long sleeves - this is another fashion trend focusing attention on the hands of the bride. This type of a wedding dress has become popular due to Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly. If your wedding is planned for the autumn and winter of 2017, don’t hesitate to buy long sleeve wedding gown NYC because you will always look stunning in it.