Toshiba has a 2-megapixel BSI (backside) type CMOS image sensor 'CSA02M00PB' equipped with LED flashing suppression for the car camera.

  Through the equipped with Toshiba's own way of LED flashing suppression circuit, successfully inhibited the LED light source flashing phenomenon. The problem with the conventional on-board CMOS image sensor is that when an LED type signal lamp and an identification Sensor are taken, a flickering image is output, which can not be accurately recognized. While the new product to achieve a high-speed, accurate sensing. In the 2 million pixel image sensor, equipped with LED flash suppression circuit of the product is the industry's first.

  New products using Toshiba's own development of a new generation of HDR (high dynamic range) approach. This is a single frame mode, in the dark and dark environment can also reduce the resolution degradation, shooting without excessive exposure of the clear image. In addition, the new product in the company's vehicle sensor for the first time using the BSI way, compared with Suction Control Valve the original product, in a dark environment can also be high-quality shooting bright images.

In addition, the new product is equipped with support ASIL (car safety integrity level) function. (AEC-Q100 (Grade2)), also suitable for ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) with front-sensing camera, electronic rearview mirror and CMS (camera monitoring system), etc. in the car The display shows the purpose of the image.

  The CSA02M00PB has an optical size of 1 / 2.7 inches. The pixel pitch is 3.0 μm. The output pixel is 1928 pixels (horizontal) × 1084 pixels (vertical). The output formats are MIPI CSI-2 and Parallel. The maximum frame rate is 60 frames per second Speed Sensor at double exposure and 45 frames per second for 3 exposures. The dynamic range is 120dB (using the HDR function). Power supply voltage, the analog part of 2.8V ± 0.2V, the digital part of 1.2V ± 0.1V, I / O Department of 1.8V ± 0.1V. The package uses 9mm × 9mm PBGA.