In recent years, with the rise of artificial intelligence, machine automation and other trends, the world's leading integrated microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and flash memory Sensor patent solutions provider - Microchip Technology Inc. (US micro-technology company) new maXTouch Touch screen controller series. MXT1665T-A series of automotive-grade touch screen controller specifically for automotive large-screen man-machine interface (HMI) applications designed. The new device brings the same user experience as a car driver and a passenger with a multi-touch HMI for a 8 to 15 inch screen.

  The MXT1665T-A series features Microchip adaptive touch technology with integrated capacitive touch and mutual capacitive touch scanning. The perfect combination of two capacitive touch technologies makes it possible to achieve an excellent multi-touch experience even in thick, thick gloves or wet and water. The series is fully compliant with the AEC Q100 standard, which meets all the unique needs Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of automotive system designers. MXT1665T is MXT641T-A series of 'upgraded version'. They not only inherited the performance of the previous generation of products designed for automotive applications, but also specifically for more than 10 inches larger screen features. The MXT1665T-A series supports 8 to 15 inch screen sizes while recognizing fine multi-finger split touch operation.

  With the advent of the MXT1665T family, Microchip provides customers with a comprehensive range of scalability, so that they can design a user experience and interface design quality, display size from small to large rich platform products. Consumers demand for automotive capacitive touch solutions is growing. Microchip is the only supplier of touch screen controllers that can provide a rich, scalable automotive product line Temperature Sensor and provide broad support services worldwide. With Microchip's touchscreen controller series of rich screen size options, customers can be more mobile in the design of products, which will eventually shorten the design cycle and reduce system and development costs.

   MXT1665T-A series of three devices, have been available, including support for 1664 touch node sensor MXT1665T-A, support 1188 touch node sensor MXT1189-A and with 798 touch node sensor MXT799T-A.

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