Toyota is developing electric vehicles powered by all solid-state batteries. The battery can increase the mileage of electric vehicle vehicles, reducing the charging time. Toyota plans Sensor to begin selling the electric car in 2022. BMW and other car prices are also developing all solid-state batteries, hope that the next 10 years to mass production.
   Toyota's new electric car will be based on a new platform to build, can be fully charged in a few minutes. The report did not invoke any sources. In contrast, the current electric car is a lithium-ion battery, even in fast charge mode, still takes 20 to 30 minutes to fill, and mileage is only 300 to 400 km. As the solid-state battery is a solid electrolyte rather than liquid electrolyte, than the current market, more secure lithium-ion battery.

   Toyota will be the first to open this new car in 2022 A Toyota spokeswoman said he could not respond to the report at the moment. Christopher Richter, an analyst at CLSA's automotive industry in France, says there is still a lot of distance between laboratory validation Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and volume production, and there are a few years in 2022, and there are likely to be many changes during the period. To a large extent, the development of new electric vehicles depends on the speed of the battery.

  Toyota has been committed to the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Last year, Toyota said it plans to increase the mileage of long electric car products, and the establishment of an independent department of R \u0026 D and marketing of electric vehicles, Toyota President Maizhang Jun male. Toyota plans to produce electric vehicles as early as 2019 in China. The electric car will be based on C-HR models to build, will use lithium-ion battery.

   Electric vehicles as a traditional vehicle zero emissions alternatives, more and more popular in the global context. As Japan's largest carmaker, Toyota hopes to narrow the distance with Nissan, Tesla and other electric car leaders. Reuters pointed Temperature Sensor out that it is not yet clear whether Toyota can go beyond the competition, because mass production for quality control and reliability requirements more stringent.