Job Loss, Lower Wages, and Far More

The House and Senate are now both considering giving President Obama 'fast track' authority on the TPP. In English, that means that Congress will let Obama sign the agreement, and then they get a very limited time to discuss it. Before saying yes or no. No, they don't get to change it.

This agreement has been hammered out for several years IN PRIVATE. Yes, 600 or so CORPORATIONS have had input, but the rank and file Americans, and Congress, have not been privy to, or allowed to voice their opinion.

Bluntly stated, the TPP, as a whole, gives corporations dominion over any nation's laws--federal, state, local. All any corporation has to do is sue and state that a law is harming their PROFIT. There is no care or concern over harm to people, health, environment, safety, etc. Whatever harms the corporation's profit usurps any other national or regional law.

And this is the agreement that Obama wants to sneak through Congress. Really?

If you are clueless about the TPP, read up on it. It will scare you. The parts that have managed to be leaked are nauseating. I wonder what the rest says. But it any event, it is time to make sure that nothing goes 'fast track.' Congress needs to look at it, make amendments as needed, and then decide. But from whaat I've read, this is another disastrous trade agreement.