The car in the driving suddenly turn off the flame, the first thing to do is to ensure safety, especially when high-speed driving, be sure to take a good steering wheel, light on the brakes, steering wheel at this time will Sensor become heavy, the brakes do not help, ABS and other security systems are Close, so you must be careful to park. High-speed driving suddenly turn off the case is still relatively small, most of them are low-speed driving or idling time suddenly turn off.

  The sudden cause of the car out of the possible reasons, especially novice, such as hanging the wrong stalls, such as the brake stepped too fast, for example, with the oil from the problem, or the wrong car keys turn off, and then the car can be. Throttle / idling motor too dirty. Occurred in the idle time, often accompanied by the engine jitter failure, start again when the light throttle to the point of oil can be a car. It is recommended to clean the throttle in time. Oil is not good, no oil, the pump burned, the oil block, the pump insurance is broken, the fuel pressure sensor is broken, etc., or the ignition system failure may cause flameout, should check the relevant parts. Throttle, idling motor failure. Throttle, idling motorfuel metering valve for the engine intake system important parts, can be considered more sophisticated accessories, because the throttle assembly, idling motor damage and flame, no car situation is also a lot. Generator, battery and other power supply system failure. The battery is no electricity can not be a car, the generator failure can not generate electricity, check the battery power supply, the generator is faulty, the engine belt and other ancillary parts of the existence of any problems.

  Throttle position sensor, intake air flow sensor, intake pressure sensor and other failures. The engine fuel injection control signal from the first two sensors to pass the signal, the intake pressure sensor is to check the intake manifold vacuum situation, if the sensor fails, there will be the engine can not start, flameout and other failures. Check the relevant parts, whether there is damage, poor contact and other failures. Crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor failure. Is also a common fault, a monitoring engine speed, a certain engine when the ignition, as long as a failure, the engine will suddenly turn Speed Sensor off or can not start the situation. Engine timing system disorder. Timing system calibration is wrong, the engine top valve, etc., are more serious failure, can not be a car, can only apply for rescue.