Food is a part of everyone's life as it is the chief source of nutrition. Without food a person cannot survive for long and the ill effects of malnutrition are evident in the form of physical ailments. Food is converted into a source of energy through digestion.

Understanding the process of digestion

The process of digestion is initiated in the mouth where food is masticated. This food travels down through the esophagus into the stomach. In a normal process of digestion the food is not allowed to go back through the lower esophageal sphincter but when the stomach is unable to churn the food and simplify its components further then the accumulated acidic contents causes the LES to open and the partially digested food mixed with gastric juices flows into the esophagus. This is also known as acidity which can cause irritation of the esophageal wall. This irritation is akin to burning because the delicate mucosa of the esophagus is seared by the acidic flow of contents from the stomach.

Signs that indicate GERD

GERD symptoms include persistent acid reflux which is not driven away by using antacids. The fine lining of esophagus is obviously irritated by the back flow of stomach contents and if it becomes chronic then the lining will get eroded. Thus the esophagus is affected by the constant flow of acid and becomes corroded. This erosion results in esophageal scarring which is definitely a problem because the lining has many blood capillaries and excessive erosion can cause internal bleeding.

Gerd Disease Symptoms are similar to an acid reflux but are accompanied by further issues which are particularly indicative of GERD; a few problems faced by individuals suffering from GERD are given below:

·         Recurrent regurgitation of food that causes heartburn more than twice in one week.

·         The voice box is inflamed which is also known as laryngitis. This manifests itself as hoarseness while speaking.

·         A sore throat that doesn’t get resolved even after a week or becomes a chronic problem is a warning sign of GERD disease.

·         GERD is known to affect the sphincter muscles in the esophagus. This can cause dysphagia which primarily affects the sphincter muscles present at the junction between the mouth and the esophagus. Individuals suffering form dysphagia will find it difficult to gulp down food.

·         Radiating pain can also be felt when the food travels down through the esophagus because the mucosal lining is scarred due to GERD.

·         Loss of weight is also a syndrome which happens due to reduced intake of food.

Food stuffs containing a huge amount of fat is a known culprit that causes acid reflux. Gerd Disease Causes are not separate from the factors that cause acid reflux because GERD is nothing but an effect of prolonged periodic occurrence of acid reflux. Therefore measures to manage food habits and making lifestyle changes for controlling acid reflux will also enable a person to reduce the chances of GERD.


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