Disposal of Medical Sharps/Needles

Improper management of discarded needles and other sharps can cause the worst impact on health and it also causes risk to the public and waste workers. Discarded needles can cause waste workers to potential injuries that cause potential infection when containers break open inside garbage trucks or needles are sent to recycling facilities mistakenly, these things can lead to the worst working procedure. Used needles are prohibited to use because it can transmit serious diseases, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis.


Proper medical waste disposal is essential for the public as well as for employee who is working on this disposal technique. For this many disposals, the technique is used now a day in order to keep your working procedure safe and secure.


Treatment and Disposal of Other Medical Wastes

Medical Waste Incineration 

Incineration was a very effective method before 1997, but later on, authorities examine the working procedure and hazards occurred with a cure eye. After that, they restrict the use of this method because its by-products can cause certain diseases which are very uncertain or infectious to public health. Many people get affected by this method and find that this method is not suitable because it is not safe but irrespective of this, it can dispose of medical waste completely.


Alternative Treatment and Disposal Technologies for Medical Waste 

After incineration, another method is adopted that is safer than incineration and can lead to the safe working procedure.

Potential alternatives to incineration of the medical waste method include: 

  •          Thermal treatment (such as microwave technologies, etc). 
  •          Steam sterilization (such as autoclaving, the more effective method used now a day). 
  •          Electropyrolysis.
  •          Chemical mechanical systems.

Certain authorities have designed these alternative procedures to ensure maximum safe working environment. This has lead to an increase in the use of alternative technologies for treating medical waste completely and effectively. Although medical waste treatment is not easy to perform safe working procedures are employed in order to make work easier and safer.

EPA has jurisdiction over medical waste treatment technologies that claim to reduce the infectiousness of the waste (i.e. that claims any antimicrobial activity) by using chemicals because it is hazardous.

In short disposal, techniques are more but the thing that influences more is how to achieve the safe working environment that is the basic need of today. Authorities also managed to employ certain conditions that are beneficial for the proper waste disposal. The major condition they employ is the training of certain disposal methods to employs because one f the major reasons of getting infected is the worst or improper use of disposal methods. Employ must have information about the waste that he is disposing of. Without this, he cannot make himself safe and secure.


These are the things must be considered and always in mind to maintain the work safer and this thing also helps to reduce the environmental problems and concerns that are related to waste and its disposal.