Application development is definitely a buoyant and lucrative market at present, with over 1 billion smartphones currently in operation and over 180 billion mobile applications downloaded per year. The market is obviously dominated by the giants, for example the Google apps, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but there is certainly room for new and innovative application being introduced into the market every day. Below are some of the biggest trends which will determine the future of mobile application developments.


Wearable devices:


After the introduction of the Apple Watch and Microsoft’s Hololens, there has been a surge in interest for wearable devices, and in the past 2 years alone, there have been over 6 million wearable device purchases. Applications need to deliver information in new ways in order to remain relevant to these new devices, this may mean quicker loading times, less information and smoother communications.




With the increasing popularity of Google Wallet and apple pay, M-commerce is becoming a worthy contender for e-commerce, it is believed that over 70% of searches and online purchases will be made through a phone but 2019. This is due to the fact that people who search for things on their phone have a higher purchase intent. Transactions that require a card or cash may become a thing of the past, and application developers need to premeditate these changes, as they are rapidly approaching.


Mobile UX Design:


There is a need for innovative mobile UX design if you want the users to remain on your applications or sites, this means dealing with all of the aesthetics and pre-meditating the downfalls and how to provide solutions. The idea is to ensure that you are delivering the best possible experience to the user, so they remain and return to your app or site. Think of this as electronic customer service. Great UX (user experience), achieved through the manipulation of various interactive content layers, circular design pattern, cards and content manipulation, can create an “augmented reality” – allowing people to access things on the internet in more detail. App development companies such as Apadmi, are heralding the way with innovative applications.