Multi user issue in QuickBooks Point of sale is a common issue. You just need to follow some steps to resolve this issue. In this blog, you will learn everything about this issues.

Multi user issue

Generally, these issues occur when you open your company file on a client workstation.

  • Error: Fixing the Connection
  • Error: You are not connected to the server
  • Error: Specify the Server and Company Data File
  • Point of Sale is grayed out

Causes of These Issue

Here is the list of multi user issue in QuickBooks Point of Sale:

  • May be your server in not in multi user mode
  • Connection between the server and workstation is blocked by Firewall and third party application
  • Issues in network connection
  • Dynamic IP address using
  • Network sharing and folder permission are not configured properly

How to Fix Multi user Issue?

Note: Before attempting any solution, ensure that you have:

  1. Restart the server and client workstation both.
  2. Restart the connection and make sure all ports are connected properly
  3. Sign in to Windows as an Administrator.

Solution 1: Make Sure your Server is in Multi-user Mode

Choose Switch Company File to Multi User Mode from the File menu.

Solution 2: Set up folder permissions

  1. On your server, right-click the folder where your company file is saved > select Properties.
  2. Location: C:Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of SaleXX\Data
  3. Click the Sharing tab.
  4. Click Advanced Sharing >  select Share this folder.
  5. Select Permissions > click Add.
  6. Type in QBPOSdbsrvuser > click OK.
  7. Click to select QBPOSdbsrvuser > select Full Control.
  8. NOTE: Ensure the permission of Everyone and Services user group are set to Full Control.
  9. Click Apply and OK.

Solution 3: Rename the WSActivity file

  1. Open the folder where WSActivity file is saved.
  2. Location: C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini
  3. Right click the WSActivity file > select Rename. Rename the file to OLDWSActivity.
  4. Close > re-open your Point of Sale in all workstations.

Solution 4: Configure Firewall Ports

Solution 5: Edit Windows Hosts File

If Issue Still persists then you should contact QuickBooks Point of Sale Support Number 1(855)441-4417. We are always ready to help our QuickBooks users so feel free to ask your questions