United Kingdom has recently seen a shortage of graduates in the field of science and engineering job aspects. There are many graduates who are of the view that getting a job in the field of engineering is extremely fierce competition. There was no doubt that engineering firms had the right means to pull tricks as well as certain marketing budgets to attract huge number of graduates for diverse positions. The bigger firms had no issue because for them, getting applications was an easy aspect. However, it was the smaller organisations, mainly those that were located in rural areas and had no proper means to promote their brand, had issues in getting the attention of the applications.

Problem Severity Increase

The problem of getting graduates to opt for engineering job was even more difficult for bigger firms, when the area was down to a specific skill. For instance, if a firm required nuclear engineer, they had issue in recruiting the right graduate because there would be no individual who would have the right kind of expertise to be able to carry out this particular job aspect.

The situation has become worse to the point that even bigger firms are having trouble in getting the candidates for the job positions announced by these firms. The competition among the firms is extremely fierce because each organisation in the market is bent on making certain that they get the first applicant and hire him.

The Competition among Sectors

The question that arises is if the competition is so fierce in the field of engineering, then why are the graduates opting for a career in this field. The main reason is that this particular field is full of opportunities that a graduate can take advantage of. Therefore, even though the job opportunities are huge but due to fierce competition, it is impossible to get hold of a proper job.

Graduates need to understand that if they are not able to get hold of the job of their choice, they must move forward and try their luck in other sectors. There are high chances of individuals becoming expert in other fields which might lead to these graduates becoming part of a new kind of field and job. It is important to have a different kind of experience as it will have the graduate in being able to do something that he is not an expert on. Overall, graduates must note that there are several sectors to try one’s luck in and they should work their way around getting a job in them.


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