The usual turbocharged engine will require the owner to stop the vehicle immediately after a long high speed, but to let the engine run idle for some time. Because the immediate flame, the coolant cycle also will stop, coolant gasification, corrosion turbocharger; oil encountered high temperature will be bad, loss of lubrication, making the turbocharger damage. The coolant circulation pump, in addition Sensor to heating the pressurized air, has a coolant circulation circuit that provides the turbocharger auxiliary heat dissipation. It is auxiliary cooling, because the engine is running, the turbocharger is mainly by oil cooling, the coolant only when necessary to be pumped to the turbocharger.

  Usually we are driving a long time turbocharged models, after parking will be idle for some time and then turn off, this is to let the engine turbine oil recycling for a while, such as turbine speed and temperature are slowly down and then turn off the engine. Because the rotor connecting the turbine and the impeller is immersed in the oil for high-speed rotation work, the need for circulating oil to lubricate it and take away most of the heat. Turbine work at speeds of up to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, if immediately turn off and cut off the oil cycle, the turbine Pressure Sensor is still possible due to instantaneous accumulation of high temperature and poor lubrication and reduce its life. FAW-Volkswagen's 1.4TSI engine uses an independent turbocharged coolant circuit, the engine can be quenched, the turbine can still be cooled.

Although the FAW Volkswagen 1.4TSI independent coolant cycle is not its proprietary technology, but not all brands of turbocharged models have adopted this system. Using the 1.4TSI engine model, the owner can be in any driving conditions, turn off, without having to worry about the high temperature caused by the turbine failure. So we still recommend the use of turbocharged power models of the owners, if your car did not use the system, still need to drive in the extreme driving after a short period of time, so that the turbine can get better heat and lubrication effect.
FAW - Volkswagen EA111 series 1.4TSI engine is a core technology is the use of turbocharged system, and most turbocharged engine similar to the turbocharger system uses a single supercharging system, the principle ABS Sensor is like Two connected windmills, high-temperature high-speed outflow of exhaust gas blowing side of the turbine blade rotation, through the connection shaft and then the inlet side of the impeller blade rotation, in order to drum into more air, improve the combustion efficiency.
   The air is pressurized by the turbocharger and will be tested by two sets of sensors to enter the engine cylinder. They are the supercharged pressure sensor / intake air temperature sensor located in front of the cooler and the cooler Intake pressure sensor / intake air temperature sensor. These two sets of sensors can accurately perceive the state of the pressurized air before and after cooling, and then through Speed Sensor  the analysis of the computer to adjust the valve on the turbocharger opening degree, the precise control of the required intake air volume.