With so many binge-worthy television shows and important films available to all of us at the push of a button, it makes sense to create a home theatre room. But don’t think you need to have a big budget or build an addition onto your current home in order to get one. 

Creating a home theatre room is easier than you might imagine. By following a few simple suggestions, you can turn any room in your home into a state of the art theatre.

Create darkness

A dark room is key to a great viewing experience. One thing you need to do is block outside light from getting in. The easiest way to do this is with a set of room darkening blinds. These blinds are beautiful and fit your room, even when you aren’t using it as a theatre. If the walls in the room you’ve chosen aren’t already a dark colour, you might want to consider painting them. Dark, rich colours don’t reflect light the same way lighter hues do so the content on your screen will appear sharper against a dark colour.

Hide the equipment

No one wants a room that looks like a storage space for AV equipment. Use entertainment units, closets and storage spaces to mask your gear. Mount your speakers and projectors and do your best to hide any and all chords. Use a remote to operate the system so you can keep things looking tidy. This will help keep the room versatile so if you need to use the space for something other than a theatre, you’ll already be set. 

Think about sound

To get a whole theatre experience, you will want to invest in a surround sound system. These systems can be purchased just about anywhere and will transform your viewing experience. Make sure your theatre room has some type of carpeting. If the room doesn’t have carpet, invest in a good area rug. This will prevent the sound from bouncing around too much and keep things crisp and clear. 

Consider the seating

There is nothing worse than uncomfortable seating. When it comes to making a home theatre, it is important to be practical. If you are converting your living room, for example, but still want it to function as living room, then you are not going to want to rush out and purchase theatre type seating. In this case, it would be best to stick with comfortable recliners so everyone can enjoy the show in their own space. If you are strictly dedicating the room as a theatre space, you have a few more options. Consider creating risers so you can fit more seating without impacting anyone’s view of the screen. And, of course, a good, comfy sofa works too.