Car line process, the car there are two vehicles to a large number of other vehicles on the road, they face the upcoming car network era, some determined enterprises began to bicycles, motorcycles and other two vehicles and Attempt to enter the network. Bicycles Sensor and motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicle car network service is divided into two development directions: First, to provide real-time information for the driver and dangerous warning, the second is to determine the danger after the provision of automatic alarm service.
Car network is an important branch of things, think of the access is often the four-wheeled car. And the major car prices and technology giants in the field of car networking is also the main investment target networked cars, many companies have launched on the road test products. After all, the car is the largest unit of things, by more attention is not too much. However, in the process of deploying a car network, there is a problem that has been overlooked by many people: the car, there are a number of other vehicles to the main vehicle on the road, they face the upcoming car network era, When is it going?
Smart car with the ability of the car network has been designed in the design of two vehicles have been taken into account the problem, will be on the two-wheelers and other means of transport to avoid a reasonable. This is Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor  hard to convince. Even if the smart car can take the initiative to avoid two-wheeled vehicles, but can not be connected to the two-wheeled vehicle is completely passive, if the two-wheeled vehicles are intelligent, then the security can be doubled if the Internet after landing, At the same time driving by artificial intelligence control of intelligent cars and by driving the two-wheelers, one of the hidden dangers of self-evident.
Determined business will be bicycles, motorcycles and other two vehicles and the car network to try. This kind of attempt is different from the current hot shared bicycle, the focus of its innovation is not to provide people through the Internet of things to share the means of transport, but the main security card for the process of driving two vehicles to provide car network security services. This not only for the enterprise itself to open up new market space, but also to maintain public safety has contributed.
Bicycles, the United States Velo Labs company, the joint venture in the concept of car Co., Ltd. and so are in the useful exploration. Velo Labs developed a smart lock Skylock that recognizes whether the user is a crash, falls, or is touched by someone else, and can send an alert to a personal smartphone via Bluetooth or wireless network. The concept of the concept Temperature Sensor of electric cars to the car. The product has a cloud interconnection function, the handlebar with a 5-inch touch screen, you can provide line planning, intelligent navigation and other services.
Motorcycle in the field of car network service research and development in recent years began to be concerned by some giants. BMW will create a dedicated intelligent emergency response system for its motorcycle - intelligent emergency call system. The system has built-in GPS positioning motorcycle location, in addition to a emergency call center can be connected to the cellular network. When the motorcycle driver encounters an emergency situation, you can manually trigger the emergency safety device on the motorcycle, the automatic response system will play Throttle Position Sensor  its effectiveness. The system can determine whether the motorcycle is falling by the acceleration and tilt angle sensors, and set the speed of the call according to the situation. When the system is triggered, even if the driver can not call, can also be automatically executed.
German automotive system supplier Bosch also developed a new networking technology, the motorcycle into the car network, allowing motorcycles and cars to communicate with each other, for the motorcycle knight to establish a digital protective cover. The technology to WLAN standard (ITS G5) to exchange information, transmission time as long as a few milliseconds, even if the parked or idle vehicles will also transmit data to the surrounding receiver. Bosch uses a carrier-to-motorcycle communication system that allows the carrier to exchange information within Pressure Switch a meter of 700 meters, exchanging an average of 10 times per second. The technology informs them that there is a motorcycle close before the car sensor or the driver found the motorcycle , Let them take a defensive driving strategy.