Uber's autopilot trucking company Otto quietly acquired a small company specializing in unmanned vehicle sensor technology last year. The small company provided Uebr with an autopilot patent that could help Uber Sensor to resist the theft of allegames initiated by Google parent company Alphabet. The company is an unknown Tyto Lidar LLC, the company CEO in May last year in the collar posting that Tyto has been sold. At the same time, he joined Otto with three other executives. Tyto was already acquired by Otto. Otto was created by Alphabet's former employee and acquired by Uber in August last year.

  The undisclosed deal may play a role in the litigation of Uber and Alphabet. Both Uber and Alphabet are developing automated driving technology, which is widely regarded as the future of the US private road transport industry. Of course, the deal may eventually be just a footnote to this complex action. The action between Uber and Alphabet may take several years to be clear. Alphabet's autopilot, Waymo, sued Uber and Otto for allegedly downloading and stealing more than 14,000 confidential documents, including laser detection Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and distance detection (Lidar) sensor technology, by former employee Anthony Levandowski detail. In most autopilot systems, Lidar is a key technology. Levandowski created Otto after leaving Waymo. Waymo said that if there is no design of the company, Uber will not develop the autopilot technology so quickly. Uber spokeswoman declined to comment on the grounds of an unsettled suit, but called Waymo's suit 'a non-attempt to delay a competitor.'

  However, the acquisition of Tyto brought Otto and Uber Temperature Sensor with at least two executives with extensive experience in Lidar technology, one of which began researching Lidar in 2009. The two executives had previously served in another Silicon Valley Lidar technology pioneer Velodyne.

  Eric Goldman, a professor of intellectual property law at the Santa Clara University Law School in California, says Tyto and his patent 'may help refute' Waymo's allegations that Uber's self-propelled business is relying on Waymo Lidar technology is so fast to grow and develop. If Waymo can prove its core allegations - Levandoski has downloaded trade secrets before leaving Waymo to join Otto and provided Uber with Pressure Sensor a Lidar circuit board that is clearly similar to Waymo's products, then Tyto's expertise and patents may It has nothing to do with the case. Wayp said patented Lidar technology is one of its most valuable assets, because it can successfully reduce the price of the sensor 90%.