What are your feelings about the existence of UFOs?  I've never seen a UFO "in person" but have watched many documentaries about the subject, some definitely better than others. Dan Akroyd made a UFO film that wasn't sensational but it was good. I also saw a special about the Phoenix Lights that was intriguing, as is the story of The Battle of Los Angeles in the 1940's when the military fired several rounds upon a well lit UFO in the sky over Los Angeles. They never brought the object down and eventually it sped away. They used the dumb weather balloon story as a cover up.And the most compelling stories are the ones told by former astronauts, airline pilots, military men and former government officials who have knowledge that they had been previously warned not to share. A UFO conference featuring just such participants was held and I would love to be able to see the proceedings or read about them. I am a skeptical believer.  That is I believe UFOs are real but I don't believe every single claim/sighting that I've seen in these shows. The Ancient Aliens series has presented intriguing evidence of the planet having been visited centuries ago, such as artifacts that look like space ships and cave drawings of people who look like our modern astronauts in uniform. Leonard Nimoy narrated a documentary that featured ancient artwork (I think it was a picture of The Madonna) that shows an airship in the sky behind the subject. There was a sighting over a reservoir here in N.J. that was mentioned in the book Flying Saucers are serious business. And I heard that I missed seeing one when my father picked me up from work 46 years ago, but my co-workers taking the bus saw while they were waiting.

I know two people who feel they've been abducted. An online friend says it was more than once. A good personal friend told me the story of missing time when she was about 10 or 11. She was walking to her grandmother's house after watching a parade. She had crossed a field, she remembers that much.  When she arrived at her grandmother's house, granny and her mom were frantic. She had been missing for quite some time and people had been out looking for her. But to her, she had been gone only a short while, the time it would have taken to get to her grandmother's house.


So have you ever seen a UFO? Do you think we've been visited by aliens? Author Ruth Montgomery who cites her spirit guides as her muse claims they walk among us. Here is The Battle of Los Angeles story (scroll down for photos):   http://rense.com/ufo/battleofla.htm