How many times have you put on makeup and looked absolutely fabulous and two hours later, someone ruins it. In most cases it’s that best friend who hugs you and kisses you, or someone you haven’t seen in a while or even a family member. Your makeup just rubs off your face and you are left looking not so fabulous.


Your nightmare is over, there is a solution – airbrush makeup!


Maybe you thought this is only for celebrities, but you were wrong. Nowadays, there are airbrush makeup kits available for home use.


How does it work?


This makeup technique employs an airbrush gun in order to apply a very thin layer of makeup on your skin. The applying process is quite simple, you just load a small amount of desired makeup into the airbrush gun and hold it a few centimeters away from your face and just spray. The result is an even, thin coating you always wanted. There is usually special makeup created for airbrushing, but no worries, a possibility to dilute your favorite makeup and use it with an airbrush also exists.


Advantages of airbrush makeup


-          GOOD FOR SKIN: Your skin can breathe and it feels lighter because of the thin, even layer of makeup produced by the airbrush gun.

-          NO RUBBING OFF: The applied makeup won’t transfer onto your hands, clothes of any other dry material it comes in contact with.

-          LONG LASTING: When applied airbrush makeup last 6 to 12 hours. This of course depends on how long you are wearing it without needing to be fixed.

-          BROADER APPLICATION: It can cover a larger portion of the body if needed such as arms, abdomen, and legs.

-          GOOD INVESTMENT: Once you buy or airbrush makeup kit, you have a long term solution for yourself, and you can also make some money by perfecting your craft and becoming a makeup artist.


Airbrush makeup kits


There are 3 basic components you need to understand when using airbrush kits: compressor unit which determines the level of pressure you will use when regulating makeup flow (iwatta compressor features adjustable pressure); dual action stylus – provides greater control over the flow and pressure; single action stylus – cheaper but less control.


Here are some of the best airbrushes made for makeup usage: Iwata airbrush makeup kit (quiet and compact), Dinair airbrush makeup kit (DVD instructions included), Belloccio airbursh makeup kit (great manual included) and Photo finish professional (for professional usage).


Cleaning the kits is easy and generally involves simply running cleaning solution through it. Neglecting this step can effect performance.


To conclude



Airbrush makeup can be used as everyday makeup, for formal occasions, photo sessions and even for costuming. The one thing that all makeup industries fail to resolve is still the waterproof issue. Crying will in fact ruin any makeup, even this one. But the advantages of airbrush makeup offer you at least 6 to 12 hours of not worrying about your looks, which for many women can be a real relief.