Dubai hopes to become the world's first launch of unmanned air 'flying' of the city, and on the 25th successfully conducted a test flight show, which will be the world's first unmanned aerial vehicle service. Developed by Sensor the German unmanned aerial vehicle company Volocopter this flying taxi, similar to a small two helicopter cabin, the top with 18 propellers.

    Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan on the 25th arranged an unmanned air 'flying' flight, but the flight did not carry passengers. This 'fly' without a remote remote control operation can fly, the longest flight time of 30 minutes, if the failure, it will automatically start a number of security measures, including spare batteries, rotors, parachutes and so on. Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter said, 'fly' after the launch of the market, the public can call with a smart phone, it will send you to the destination. The aerial 'flying' can fly according fuel metering valve to the global positioning system, the future will also have a comprehensive sensor, as well as response to a variety of unknown obstacles. 'The developer is expected to be able to activate 'flying' within five years,' he added.

    In addition to Volocopter, other leading companies are also targeting large unmanned markets. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus plans to launch passenger-powered autopilot by 2020; Google founder Pressure Sensor Pecs invests in Kitty Hawk and superior, and is also actively preparing for their air 'flying' project.