The 4th Shanghai International Science and Technology Fair was opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Into the Expo site, artificial intelligence era of life seems to have been in sight. If the Alpha dog can not bring about changes in ordinary life, then the Shanghai Science and Technology Expo site, artificial intelligence has been able to be the most intuitive feel. In the central square, the audience have the opportunity Sensor to personally feel a major global companies are in the 'deer' future artificial intelligence car. Today, unmanned car development has become the mainstream of the global trend. Previously, has been in Jiading Intelligent Network (Shanghai) pilot demonstration area closed on the road for the test of unmanned vehicles, today entered the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

This unmanned sightseeing car, the entire CMB Central Plaza as a operational route, automatically docked one by one 'site.' Staff members, this unmanned car is the top of the car, in front of each have a camera and laser radar, you can detect the specific location of the obstacles. The co-pilot position of the vehicle is the 'brain' of the car, consisting of a controller, when to stop the throttle, when to stop, when to turn, are judged by the completion. There are two antennas in the rear part, which is GPS equipment, positioning and orientation for the car. In order to Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor ensure the safety of the experience, there will be a staff member sitting in the driving position. But throughout the journey, his hand did not touch the steering wheel at all. Visitors can walk through different sightseeing spots to visit, to experience unmanned car lane to maintain, bypass obstacles, turn, parking and other properties.

   An external skeletal robot named FourierX1 debuted at the Shanghai Science Fair this year. This is the first domestic independent research and development of the first commercial skeletal robot, paraplegic patients to wear this 'mechanical clothing', or can stand up again; stroke paralyzed patients set 'Iron Man' suit, after rehabilitation training and evaluation, You can gradually get rid of the bed, to restore the normal image of people like to go out shopping. This exoskeleton robot mainly for the lower body paralyzed patients to help them to sit, stand, walk, up and down the stairs and other basic functions, the device can be sensed by the sensor sensor trajectory, when the patient needs to move forward, the robot Temperature Sensor can provide real- The patient is required to step up the leg and step forward to help the user with walking dysfunction to walk and assist in walking. At present, exoskeletal robots have entered a large-scale clinical trial phase.

Roller coaster has been one of the most popular and safest entertainment facilities in the playground, but there are a lot of people who are discouraged by fear. At the CIC site you may try to experience the thrill of a roller coaster in the VR game. In the East Hall of a layer, the current Expo City, the host city - Suzhou pavilion, where the showcase the Suzhou garden ecological science characteristics, brought together a group of local high-tech enterprises and intelligent products. One of the large VR equipment is quite attractive to the audience. 9 o'clock just before the equipment lined up. VR refers to the use of computers and other sensing aids to achieve the feeling of being in the real world. With this equipment, the audience can simulate the virtual reality scenes such as roller coasters, racing cars, capsule, submarine and so on. Smart seats can also provide Speed Sensor a double experience of visual and sensory experience. In order to participate in this session of the Fair, manufacturers also specially simulated the design of the Suzhou Wetland Park environment, the audience can get riding UAV, overlooking the wetland park visual effects.

The current equipment has been in Shanghai Metro, Dragon Dream and Shanghai Disney and other shopping malls, amusement parks and other places put. In the future, the upgrading of recreational facilities and technological transformation is an inevitable trend. In the VR and other high-tech technology based on the creation of a series of 'breakthrough experience', in addition to attracting consumers, will also be possible Pressure Switch to change the amusement park industry (such as large playground, children's amusement park) the current construction planning and investment.