Many of us at some point stop looking forward to our birthdays. Being another year older doesn’t seem like quite the celebration it once was. After a good few birthdays, you’ve done all the family meals and celebrations, you’ve done the nights out with friends and there’s little to get excited about. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Birthdays aren’t just about age. They are about celebrating you: who you are and what you enjoy, with people that love you. If you are bored of your usual birthday celebrations and fancy a change, why not try one of these great ideas.

A Girls/Boys Weekend

These are something we do a lot when we’re younger. Then we get married and have children, or all our friends do, and there’s just never time. Why not resurrect the fun weekend away for your next birthday? Girls, for some ultimate girly fun, see

See a Show

If you fancy a more sophisticated kind of show, head to the theatre. There’s always plenty on so there’s bound to be something to suit your tastes.

Have a Kids Party

Why not remind yourself of the joy that comes with a children’s party? Is there anything you always wanted when you were younger, but never got? Perhaps a superhero party? Relive your childhood now. Have a fancy-dress party, or play kids party games, and eat classickids’ party food.

Spend Some Time Alone

You don’t have to do anything. If you’re always busy and on the go, why not use your birthday as an opportunity to spend some time relaxing alone. Go for a long walk, or check yourself into the spa for a day. Spending time alone is a treat for many of us with busy lives miss out on, so make the most of it. You don’t even need to go out. Stock up on all your favorite snacks and treats. Get your favorite films or books, and spend the day doing things just for you.

Go Camping

Why not take the chance to get away from technology and the internet? Leave all your devices at home and connect with nature. Go back to basics for a few days. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy it. If camping is perhaps a little too basic, glamping makes a more comfortable alternative.

Take a Class

Why not buy yourself a learning experience for your birthday? If there is something you’ve always wanted to learn, or get better at, now is your chance. Some great ideas include:

  • A cooking masterclass
  • Baking
  • Chocolate making
  • Cocktail making
  • A new language
  • Drawing or painting
  • Race car driving
  • Flying
  • Photographer

But, there are many more. Some might be a one-off class, whereas others will be a full course. Whatever it is you want to learn, there is probably a class that teaches it. For a more fun experience, get some friends or family to join in. 

However you choose to spend your special day, enjoy it. Remember, it’s your day, if you are happy, that is all that matters.