Local time Wednesday US House of Representatives unanimously voted to pass a proposal to speed up unmanned car testing and deployment. The proposal will then be submitted to the Senate. If the proposal passes, the first year will allow Sensor the carmaker to deploy up to 25,000 unmanned vehicles that do not meet current safety standards. To the third year, will allow 100,000 unmanned vehicles on the road.

   Companies such as General Motors, Volvo and Volkswagen have put pressure on Congress to speed up their projects and worry that state regulations may interfere with the testing process, especially in California. The proposal passed by the House still does not include large trucks. Car manufacturers still have to submit safety assessments and prove that their cars Temperature Sensor are at least as safe as current models. Vehicles may also need to meet certain criteria and warn people to check the rear seats to prevent children from being forgotten in the car.

  Consumer Watchdog, a consumer activist of the United States, said in a statement that the unmanned vehicle proposal that the House Pressure Sensor of Representatives had just passed did not provide adequate security for consumers, excluding any one of the state's safety standards. '