In the first version of the autopilot car introduced a year later, local time on September 12, the US Department of Transportation Minister Zhao Xiaolan announced a new version of the automatic driving guide. The autopilot's guideline is no longer Sensor a mandatory rule to regulate autopilot vehicles, but a voluntary guide for automakers, technology companies and institutional organizations that are developing autopilot technology and point out that flexible technologies for emerging technologies Method is more suitable.

    The release of the revised version of the automatic driving car guide, is expected to launch a new version next year. In the future infrastructure program, the Trump government will be inclined to invest in technology that can improve the safety of autopilot vehicles and accelerate the deployment of autopilot vehicles, and will have more federal funding for projects with greater innovation capacity. Voluntary guidelines Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor are more appropriate, and asked why she was not forced to implement, she turned a deaf ear. In addition, she also pointed out that once the vehicle is found to be unsafe, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can proceed to recall the power.

   The US National Transportation Safety Board recommends that federal highway safety regulators should play a more active role in the control of car manufacturers when automakers deploy vehicles that are similar to the Autosilot Autopilot part of the autopilot system. The Department of Transportation should make it clear that manufacturers of L2-level autopilot technology should add a safety regulations that will only limit the use of the autopilot vehicle control system to the design scenario of the system. But David Friedman, former agent for NHTSA, criticized the Trump government's voluntary driving voluntary guidelines. 'The NHTSA should have the right to protect consumers from potentially dangerous damage fuel metering valve and should be given the power to ensure the safety of the autopilot system,' said Friedman, who is currently the head of the Automotive and Product Policy for the Consumer Electronics Protection Group of the US Consumer Protection Organization. In a statement, the Consumer Union accused the Voluntary Guide of not asking the automaker to provide autopilot systems to submit more information.

   For the latest voluntary guidelines for autopilot vehicles, stakeholders agree that the rules for autopilot cars are implemented at the federal level, rather than the state governments. 'The nationwide implementation of the same guide provides stability and assurance for our nationwide deployment of autopilot technology,' said Kay Stepper, vice president of autopilot systems Temperature Sensor at Bosch Group. 'For the revised policy, General Motors said,' For autopilot vehicles Design, production and deployment of security and accusations to provide a clear, unified and flexible guidelines. '