Automatic gearbox is born after the manual gearbox, would like to comfortable, convenient some, on the election automatically, want to feel free, feel more driving pleasure, the player moving block, manual transmission models because you can freely adjust the gear and speed, Driving up a kind of fun dripping feeling, full of movement, very full of driving pleasure. Although the traditional automatic transmission in the operability, driving comfort on the advantage, but do not have the manual transmission models as arbitrary capacity, can both take advantage Sensor of the advantages of both gearbox? Hand-cranked gearbox is in this case Under the birth. It has the function of automatic lifting gear, but also has the function of simulating manual lift, which makes more models do not have to be limited by the traditional automatic transmission of the shackles, so that drivers can also have a manual shift shift Freedom and driving pleasure, it is important that you can rely on this function when the vehicle encounters a special situation.

   At present, most of the automatic transmission models (including automatic gearbox, dual clutch gearbox, AMT gearbox, CVT gearbox and other mainstream gearbox type of automatic transmission models) more and more start with a 'manual intervention gear function ', That is, will be introduced to the manual mode. The current common manual mode from the operation of the form of view of the two types, one is relative to the traditional gearbox shift lever on the basis of the increase in manual mode, the other is the steering wheel shift paddles in the form of manual mode. In the current mode with manual shift mode, the most common are two main forms of operation, the first is in the gearbox shift lever part Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of the integrated manual mode, also known as M or S block (gear at + Logo of the gear), this manual shift mode is currently the most common, intuitive operation, easy to get started.

   The other is in the former on the basis of the steering wheel on both sides of the increase in the shift shift, this manual shift mode will be more in some focus on the characteristics of vehicle movement (vehicle positioning) models appear on the operation More efficient, more direct shift process.

       1, the shift lever manual mode through the gearbox shift lever to operate the manual mode is the most common, such as the public, Toyota, Nissan, Audi, etc., these brands of gearbox in the manual mode of operation are this form The When the vehicle is switched on / off, the gear shift lever is switched to the M or S block (or + - marked gear), and the shift lever is moved forward and backward by the shift lever Switch. (Idle or running) can be switched to the manual mode for the shift operation as described above. If the vehicle is in the active state (idle or running), the vehicle can be switched to the manual mode. If you need to switch back to the D block, (automatic mode) only need to directly shift lever from the manual mode to switch back to the D block can be. (Toggle right or left)

   There is also a gearbox manual mode is to manually increase and decrease the block design in the shift lever grip, a lot of US models are using this design, such as Buick Angkola, Angkori, Ford's wing tiger, etc. , The use of similar methods, the difference is only in this manual mode switching mode is not common through the push-pull shift lever way to switch gear. But through the shift lever grip on the button to operate.

       2, the steering wheel shift shift is understood as an extension of the manual mode, it is only in the manual mode of the vehicle to increase the 'another control' only. The shift paddle is a quick shift mechanism because the shift paddle is located on the rear side of the steering wheel during operation, and the hands do not have to leave the steering wheel, so it is more convenient and efficient. Different models of the steering wheel shift paddle function in the use of the difference is different, and some models can be directly in the D block state using the steering wheel shift paddle shift operation, and some need to switch to M or S block can only use the steering wheel shift function, at this point, the steering wheel shift pad opening mode and shift lever manual mode is very similar to the way. In the actual mode of operation, different brands Temperature Sensor in the pad shift operation is also different, one of the biggest difference is: paddle in the way the difference between the mode of operation, I will divide them into two Large categories, were introduced. Which involves the operation of the mode does not necessarily apply to all the brands, but certainly can give you a certain reference, so you can get on hand faster shift.

       2-1, the left side of the block, the right plus block

       This type of shift paddles are currently the most used one, the left side of the pad is the gear block, the right side of the pad is the upshift, the specific mode of operation: in the vehicle idling / driving the gear into M or S block (part of the model in the D block state can also be manual mode operation), through the finger 'inward hug' way with shift paddles for the addition and subtraction operation, switch to manual mode after driving the computer will display The corresponding gear information, the driver according to the information displayed on the computer to determine the current gear situation, the operation is no difficulty.

       It should be noted that: If you need to start with the manual mode, different brands of manual mode start gear is different, and some models can be used 2 or even 3 block to start, and some brands can only use a block Start, please operate the actual situation of the vehicle. This mode of operation of the shift padding is currently involved in the brand are: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and most of the models equipped with shift paddles.

       2-2, both sides of the paddle can be up and down block

       This type of operation of the shift paddle with the same slightly different, the difference is that the shift on both sides of the pad can be up and down block operation, unlike the above is the side of the increase, the side of the reduction Method, this shift paddles in the function of higher integration, in many cases more controllable, more convenient operation.

       For example: when the car turns, regardless of the direction of the side to play, his hands must have a side at the bottom of the steering wheel at this time, if the above description of the kind of shift paddle, then if you need upshift, There will be limitations, but if it is on both sides of the addition and subtraction of the paddle, any one hand can be added at the same time block or downshift operation, which increases the vehicle in the ABS Sensor limit state (such as high-speed over Bending) controllability. To say the shortcomings, in fact, is used to other forms of shift paddle of the owners need some time to adapt to the.

       In operation, the two shift paddles are basically the same, the same need to first gear shift lever into the M or S block (or + - mark the gear) after the open manual mode, and then through the thumb of both hands to dial Of the operation, to the outside of the push is upshift, to the inside by the reduction. The current use of this shift pad design brands are: MINI, Porsche Panamera (optional racing steering wheel models except). Many brands like to use the block design is also part of the models equipped with a steering wheel shift paddles, such as Mercedes-Benz, Buick, etc., there is no difference in the operation, the use of the same way after the vehicle is switched to M or S You can turn on manual mode. (Part of the models in the D block state can also be operated) is currently using the most design car brand is Mercedes-Benz, in the test of this feature also encountered a small episode, test GL500 models found steering wheel shift paddles in operation And the 'shift lever + shift paddle' model is slightly different, the main difference is: the idle state if you want to use manual mode start, can not be directly with the shift paddle upshift operation, you must first use the paddle Minus a block, then the trip computer will display the range D1, and then can be upstairs paddle uplift operation. If you want to resume in the drive to D mode, only need to use your fingers to hold the block for 2-3 seconds, you can automatically resume to D mode. (This method applies to the vast majority of Mercedes-Benz brand with steering wheel shift paddles function models)

   Of course, in addition to the above described several manual mode, for some high-performance super sports car, their shift mode Throttle Position Sensor and common civilian models will be relatively different, such as the Ferrari 458, it is no traditional gearbox gear Design, the vehicle relies on the driver to choose a different 'driving mode' to select the shift mode, its manual mode only steering wheel shift pad a form of operation, shift mode will be different.