Autumn is a good season for maintenance, not just people, even the car to the maintenance of the time. As the used car is affordable, many owners will be neglected. In fact, this is wrong. Whether it is a new car or used car, if the daily maintenance is not good, small problems become less, and finally Sensor will become a big fault, then, you will regret it. Therefore, the correct approach is, in particular, pay attention to the maintenance of used cars.
  Bought the used car, first of all to carry out external cleaning, even if the purchase has been done to clean, their best have to carefully clean up, let it become their own real new car. Car interior also at the same time cleaning, disinfection, remove the car smell, the car environment is largely related to their own health. Vehicle brake system is essential to the driver, think about it, if the sudden traffic accident, the brain is the first instinct reaction is the brake. Just at this time, the brake system is not sensitive, the consequences really unimaginable, second-hand car maintenance should fuel metering valve be placed in the first place. Car brake clearance adjustment; car clutch adjustment; car brake disc, chip replacement; car shock equipment maintenance, car tire maintenance or replacement; automotive circuit system testing; automotive lighting signal adjustment.
   Under normal circumstances, the car every 10,000 to 15,000 km to be cleaned and maintenance time 1. When you find the engine puffing, hysteresis and acceleration bad, black smoke, powerless, fuel oil cleaning and maintenance time 1. Remove the glial and carbon deposits inside the system to prevent harmful corrosion, to avoid and stop the seals and water tank leakage, the complete replacement of the old coolant. Replacement of new oil, brake oil, automatic box oil, can enhance the dynamic performance of the car to extend the service life of components. The general use of three or four years of second-hand car, but also need to pay attention to oil filter and fuel filter cleaning or replacement. Check the date Temperature Sensor of the battery, or display the state, such as the start of the engine when the sound weakened or dimly lit, is the battery exhaustion of the precursor, it is best to replace as soon as possible. Automotive circuit is divided into two kinds of low and high voltage, check the low-voltage circuit components of the interface, depending on whether the wire ablation, poor contact, but also concerned about the situation of the fuse. Battery life of about two years, the spark plug life of about 40,000 km or less.
   Owners in the car after the best to do about four wheel positioning, tire dynamic balance, check the tire pressure situation. If the tires have been abraded, a new set of tires should be replaced to ensure safe driving. Part of the used car may have been three or four years did not change the tires, although the tire appears to be new or pit pattern is still deep, but the glue has long hardened, can not provide the ability to grasp, must be replaced.

   More than three years old car, the belt is an important part of the need for maintenance. Belt dislocation, the fracture is likely to cause the engine combustion is not normal, while the damage to other parts is also very serious. After a certain period of use, uneven wear Speed Sensor will cause the clutch slip, reduce the effect of the clutch. When the clutch is found to be abnormal, it