Switzerland u-blox company developed for the car navigation system in the tunnel and other environments Sensor can improve the accuracy of the positioning module. Support for five GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), including GPS (Global Positioning System) and quasi-zenith satellite system (QZSS). It is possible to maintain high positioning accuracy by combining the 6-axis inertial sensor signal with 3-axis acceleration and 3-axis angular velocity, the inability to receive GNSS signals, and the Suction Control Valve absence of vehicle information such as vehicle speed.

  The module is composed of a GNSS RF signal receiving circuit, an inertial sensor signal acquisition circuit, and an algorithm executing unit based fuel metering valve on the estimated position of these signals. The package size is 7mm × 7mm × 1.1mm.

  Built-in inertial sensor module (package size of 12mm × 16mm × 2.4mm) was launched in February 2016, is facing the automotive electronics manufacturers and other samples of supply. The product in addition to the navigation device, is expected Temperature Sensor to be used for driving recorder and radar detectors and so on. At the same time also introduced with the external components and battery evaluation kit.