Technology is progressing day by day. Things are getting smart and artificial intelligence making the conventional devices more and more intelligent.

Nowadays even one wants a smartphone due to its efficiency. What will be your thoughts about a smart home? Yeah! It's sound amazing. Here I am going to discuss ten technologies to decorate your home. Now you can convert your ordinary home into a smart home.

Water Shade

Now let yourself to forget the traditional way of refrigerating your bed food item. Refrigerators may keep your food fresh for a long time but cannot maintain the level of moisture constant naturally in fruits or vegetables.

Water shade enables you to maintain the fruit fresh by maintaining a stream of water around it. It is designed specifically like that it keeps a water flow around the preserved food and contain sensors that will sense your hands and the stream of water will stop automatically.

Robotic Alarm

Smartly designed an alarm that will make sure you must get up early in the morning. The robotic alarm will start alarming its bell and will hide. So, you must have to leave your bed to snooze it. This Robotic Alarm will make sure you will never sleep after morning.

Smart Door Lock

It might be a chance that someone gets your electric door password. To overcome this vulnerability smart door lock is designed in such way that no one can read its pattern. So, intelligent door lock enables your home’s security to be sounder.

Windows Blind

Fantastic smart windows whose shade can be change manually. You may also set the level of lightning and schedule. These smart windows are attractive and also efficient as they can save the energy.

Smart Touch Refrigerator

Adorable looking refrigerator with smart functions, it authorizes and identifies the hand of the person that is trying to open it. It allocates such food automatically to that person which he kept first. Displays on each tray show the time when the food was kept there and also display that how much such food can be preserved.

Smart Bed

Smart bed eases you to monitor your health condition while sleeping. Smart Bed’s sensors track your heart beat, breathing rate and even provide you information about best sleeping time. It also enables you to set the comfort level while sleeping.

Smart Faucet

This smart faucet can save up to 15000 gallons of water per year. It includes sensors that will enable you to use it without touching it. It can also preserve energy automatically, so it is electrically efficient. Smart Faucet is also the best device for the home with children. It is also hygienic.

Pavati Tap

Pavati Tap possesses the adorable look, and it offers you watch blending of cold and hot water because of its design. It demonstrates the phenomenon of mixing up hot and cold water and this functionality enhance its beauty.

Transparent Television

Transparent Television is a majestic sort of technology that is the combination of traditional LCD and TOLED display technology. This combination forms an unusual transparent looking screen that shows vibrant colored graphics while operating.

Floor Plan Light Switch


We often face a problem with the pattern of light in our rooms when we need light at the only particular area. As we push, the whole button room gets illuminated with light. This problem is sorted out with the help of floor plan light switch that allows you control the pattern of lightning and you will only illuminate the portion of your room that you want.