The market for automotive-assisted driving systems is booming, and this rapid development has a variety of reasons: first, the price of electronic technology products is getting lower and lower, which makes the automotive electronic assistance system Sensor from the high-end car area to mid-range Or low-block cars in the field; car manufacturers also use more and more driving support functions in order to overcome the competition;

   In order to use the powerful driving assistance system in the vehicle must have a powerful vehicle electrical network, the only way to use multi-function detection sensor. The video monitor was originally considered for the lane keeping system and now has the task of identifying traffic signs. The so-called sensor integration allows the data of different sensors to form a whole image around Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the vehicle, the amount of data is far greater than the engine, brake, steering, lights and frame control, send the command of the car controller.

Not only is more and more vehicles equipped with sensors, but also a car is also equipped with more and more sensors. The installation of the vehicle in different locations of all radar equipment, cameras and ultrasonic sensors and other calculations, and soon will count out of dozens of such high configuration models.

Most of the vehicles are wirelessly installed at the front of the vehicle (after the vehicle brand logo), but some models install the antenna on the left or right end of the front bumper. Similarly, radar launchers can be installed in rearview mirrors. Most of the main camcorders of the vehicle driving support system are 'hidden' above the windshield. In order to facilitate the observation of the car after the environment or turn the car after the camera can be hidden in the trunk lid, hidden in the car rearview mirror or hidden in the rear bumper. This made a new request for the car repair shop: to find hidden in different parts of the sensor.

   For multi-brand vehicle repair and refinish repair shops, there seems to be little to do with maintenance assistance and maintenance in their vehicle maintenance and maintenance, and there is no need to account for the cost and cost of maintenance of the driving support system, including replacement of the car Windshields, and small vehicle accident maintenance, frame repair and so on. They only need to repair the sensor after the repair, so that the vehicle's driving assistance system can work properly on it. But the simple 'no problem' is not enough. As long as a little attention will know: long wave radar sensor detection distance of only 250m, the speed of 200km / h, the frame repair Temperature Sensor a little bit of error will lead to the occurrence of unfortunate things. In the vehicle identification number and frame identification number under the guarantee, you can find all the car driving auxiliary system configuration data. With the naked eye inspection has been completely unable to find all the sensors out. In addition, the existing driving support system components can not lose its proper function.

   Does the car's sensor have a normal function, whether it can continue to use, or if it needs to be adjusted due to a collision after a minor damage or a car crash or the like. These are related to whether the structural design of the sensor is reasonable. Some of the vehicle's radar sensor is simply installed in the fog lamp groove, fixed in the plastic bumper, in the smallest collision, where the sensor without re-calibration. As long as it is still in the vehicle, the car repair shop do not have to deal with what they do. But need to consider is: in the maintenance of the bumper when the radar sensor do not fight putty, paint the radar sensor at the thickness of the paint to comply with the provisions of the thickness of the paint layer requirements.

In addition to the vehicle's light inspection equipment and wipers, the windshields are also more and more video camera modules, lane identification data modules, emergency brake assist systems and other driving assistance systems. When you want to replace the windows of the windshield must be removed when they are removed, as far as possible without damage to these sensors. Order the correct accessories, the correct installation ABS Sensor of them (the use of gel-like adhesive, will not be damaged under the light irradiation and loss of viscosity), and finally the video camera calibration.

At first glance, it would seem illogical to check the sensor when the car repair shop repair the frame. However, when the vehicle maintenance due to changes in the frame makes the radar sensor or video camera and the original a little 'different' with their supporting driving support system can not provide the correct data.

The calibration process of the sensor can be roughly divided into two major areas: electrical calibration using a fault diagnostic instrument and mechanical adjustment using a special tool. Market-specific fault Throttle Position Sensor diagnosis systems, such as Daimler's Xentry system or Volkswagen's Odis system, have sensor calibration capabilities. However, other models of the general fault diagnosis instrument also has some ability to calibrate the driving support system.

Unfortunately, in addition to these fault diagnostic apparatus, the vehicle maintenance plant also need a lot of auxiliary equipment in order to measure and calibrate the sensor. In addition, the vehicle must also be parked on a very flat plane, preferably placed on the axle inspection platform for inspection and calibration. Place the calibration equipment at the specified pitch, requiring a target with a specific target. Target the sensor with a target, and adjust the radar beam of the radar sensor with the adjustment screw.

Each sensor has its own metrological verification tools, such as targets, mirrors, laser fixtures, gripping devices and many other necessary accessories. Each brand has its own new things, not a general vehicle repair plant to prepare these tools.

However, this time-consuming and laborious first-generation metrological test is only a short-term phenomenon. Not only the car repair shop, and car users are waiting for a long time to feel uncomfortable, which requires the car Pressure Switch factory in its production line should also make the appropriate technical improvements, and ultimately the entire vehicle maintenance service work process is simplified. The development trend of the original accessories is self-calibration system, because more and more vehicles are installed using different sensors, they are in the fine tuning is mutual support and compensation, which also greatly reduces the vehicle calibration of each vehicle Workload.