Four Braille lights, VSC, Trac Off and two opposing arrows are flashing, but the parking is turned off and then the yellow light does not appear. Usually these four warning lights are related to the ABS sensor. One for each axle. If there is a bad contact, then the computer Sensor will be detected immediately, please check the four sensor plug is normal, and check the sensor itself. Gearbox oil and filter recommended every 5-6 million miles / 5-6 years replacement, the way to clean up the oil tank Oil Pan.
   If we put the car in the garage for two weeks without getting started, the car could not get up and happened many times. We have to open every day will not have this kind of thing because the vehicle is not often driving, so every time after the start Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of the power consumption is not fully able to be fully charged. It is recommended to buy a small charger, the car when not in the garage directly on the battery charge. A kind of charger called Trickle Charger is fully automatic, to ensure that the battery is fully charged state.

  Left rear window press switch, doors and windows completely fixed, with the driver sitting in the control switch is no response nor sound, need to check: the windows of the motor whether there is electricity supply? If there is no electricity, you need to check wiring, plugs, switches and fuses. By the way also need to check the doors and windows guide.
  Every time the car travels for a while, the vents are vented, but my fan and temperature are all off. After repairing the car, the new air filter and the Coolant were replaced, but the test still had the same problem. The vent is vented, although the fan is closed, the temperature is closed, but there may be temperature switch control of the temperature valve some loose, resulting in although the center console display is closed, but in essence did not close, There will be hot water circulation, resulting in a warm release. Check if the heating valve connecting rod is loose. Most of this heating valve is behind the console console.
  In the power tree architecture of the car, the sensor modules are equipped with a linear regulator to adjust the power delivered from the mains supply, to avoid the power Temperature Sensor in the long transmission process coupled with some noise, Thus affecting the operation of the sensor