Many owners to do maintenance, they will encounter a similar thing, the vehicle maintenance time obviously not enough an hour, at checkout found that the maintenance alone to charge three hours of work costs. Vehicles in the maintenance work, in addition Sensor to pay accessories, but also need to pay replacement parts of the labor costs, commonly known as working hours. Maintenance work items to charge the number of working hours, and can not simply based on the length of time to determine the operation, but also need to integrate the work of the labor intensity and skills to measure the difficulty.

   To solve the problem of ABS fault light, for example, the solution is to replace the sensor, for the general owner, this is just a few minutes to switch a sensor for a few minutes, according to the reason why the cost should be very cheap. But for the maintenance of the master, the early troubleshooting and replacement parts of the work need to complete the human and technical, these are the owners can not see, so the cost of working hours can not only take the time to dismantle the wheel to measure the time The Another situation is that the owner likes to find some skilled craftsmen Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to work, that this can help save time and reduce working hours. In fact, the working hours of the establishment of a quantitative and fixed, meaning that a project is how much time to complete the project is a standard, the working hours will not be due to the maintenance of the master to complete the reduction of time and time to increase.

  Some owners will have questions, we are the same brand of car, why my car maintenance work will be more expensive than others Because the level of maintenance work time or technical difficulties related. Even the same brand of car, but because of different models, the difficulty of their operations and technical requirements are not the same, so the working hours will be different.

  Now many owners are less than 4S shop to do maintenance, and choose to the outside of the maintenance plant, a big reason is because the maintenance of the factory hours cheaper. But from another point of view, whether it is 4S shop or maintenance plant need to maintain operating costs. Repair shop in the staff, rent, equipment and other aspects of the cost fuel metering valve is often much lower than the 4s shop, so you can use low-cost working hours to attract customers. But it should be noted that the quality of the repair shop on the market now uneven, there is the use of non-original accessories to earn high profits, maintenance master technology, but the problem.

  In contrast 4S shop although the working hours and accessories prices are higher than the maintenance plant, but they can give us a very good confidence protection. And 4S shop technical maintenance master have been certified manufacturers, reception staff of the quality service and comfortable rest environment, are generally comparable to the maintenance plant. But in the 4S shop, any operation required Temperature Sensor to pay the time, even if only a move of a screw, so a maintenance may produce a lot of work charges, 4S shop is through such a way to earn after-sales profits The