Long Dien Son, a new attractive destination for tourists with the people of Tay Ninh, this resort is a large scale resort, bearing the character of the homeland as well as bringing modern convenience. Choose to build in beautiful, charming country on Ninh Trung hamlet, Ninh Son commune, Tay Ninh town, Long Dien Son lake with immense size, lake surface is flat, reflecting the deep blue of trees Surrounding ponds make the lake a beautiful green color. The Long Dien Son campus is surrounded by green lagoons, Long An island and a long bridge linking the island and the house dividing the lake into two halves. Both the space of the resort is cooled by the lush green color of the trees, making the resort even closer to nature.

Step into Long Dien Son, hit your eyes are two majestic dragon standing water spray in front of the gate, crossed the pair of dragons, to the garden of 12, where the animals are carved large statue with a funny image. lovely. Next, international visitors with visa for Vietnam will go through the shady trees to the center of the resort, to see the immense lake, where swans are waiting for you. Each pair of swan boat friends, slowly pedal to walk around the lake. Those who do not like to duck can go through the bridge connecting the hidden Long Island to admire the oasis as well as climb the tower - the highest point of the resort to cover the panorama. Long An Island is an artificial island with rocky mountains, green trees covered with rocky mountains. Great trip. Standing on the stupendous, looking away, the surface of the lake as a giant mirror, the roofs of dark red roofs, the ancient bold style hidden under the shade of trees makes the resort appear with peace, color transmission Beautiful system

Leaving the island, to the other side of the bridge, take a closer look at the elegant architecture of the houses here with dark brown wooden pillars, motifs, butterflies and carvings carved elaborately on wood. Bring traditional breath, full of spirit of Vietnamese culture for Long Dien Son. Not to stop there, there is also a black stone statue of xam depicting the scene with his goddess flying to heaven and some other images bring visitors about the old story. After remembrance of old things, coming to the water park, you come to another world, a world of modern excitement, a place full of laughter. There is a large, modern swimming pool, swimming pool, lazy river. There are also exciting games with modern equipment, as safe as water parks in Saigon such as water slide, roller coaster, flying dragon, saucer.

At night, Long Dien Son show up shimmering, fanciful in the dark night. The lines of the houses show up with colorful colors of leds, fountains, dazzling, colorful, fun with a combination of music, colors, dancing jets to create artistic images. The dining area right next to the fountain, visitors can enjoy both delicious food and admire the art of water. The food court serves a variety of fresh dishes from Asia to Europe, including no specialties of Tay Ninh cooked by skilled chefs. The size of the canteen is wide, open space, close to the clouds, nature is interesting food is also the banquet venue, the most luxurious event in Tay Ninh with dulichso.com. In addition to dining area, the hotel here has hundreds of guest rooms, clean and nice to meet the needs of visitors. Long Dien Son Resort is committed to providing visitors with unforgettable memories.