Volkswagen is committed to creating a new electric car family - I.D series of innovative electric vehicles, and has been unveiled in the previous show Volkswagen I.D., I.D. BUZZ and I.D.CORZZ three new models. Online car market from the Volkswagen official was informed that on September 12, Volkswagen will bring the new I.D. CROZZ concept car debut 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The appearance Sensor of the new car to SUV models as a prototype, follow the powerful and simple design language, interior use touch multi-function steering wheel and console console and other control elements.

  The new IDCROZZ concept car will be based on Volkswagen new pure electric MEB platform to create, the front face with no air grille shape, and by a fine chrome trim will be connected to both sides of the headlamps, and through the front bumper echo. The engine hood extends to the edge of the wide wheel eyebrow, effectively stretching the visual width. Front bumper at the bottom of the blackened, and equipped with Throttle Position Sensor ultrasonic receiver, the roof is the use of bright black contrast. Interior with ultra-modern SUV design, floor flat without central platform raised. The center console is not equipped with a traditional dashboard or controller, but with tactile control elements. For example: touch multi-function steering wheel, AR to enhance the reality of the rise of the screen, console console and so on.

The new I.D.CROZZ concept car to sports zero-emission vehicles as the main design ideas, life mileage will be 400-600km, with the traditional internal combustion engine car comparable. Like I.D. and I.D.BUZZ, it can also achieve Pressure Switch full automatic driving, and through the laser scanner, ultrasonic and radar sensors and cameras to identify the surrounding environment and other vehicles on the road.