Volvo to optimize the North American product line, the introduction of the new VNL models, which VNL models the biggest bright spot is its comfort and security. The new VNL models have a bold, avant-garde, innovative, modern and user-friendly design. It is inspired Sensor by fashionable boats and racing cars. Volvo aims to create a classic design, the front of the grille in the top wide, and towards the bottom of the taper, while the line gives it a sense of movement. LED headlights in the snow and ice weather can produce heat, the night can provide better visibility.

   The new VNL model front bumper moves forward by 1.5 inches, and the rear bumper of the cab extends from 122.5 to 124 inches, thus greatly increasing the cab space. The cab side windows can be opened to provide better lighting and ventilation for the cab. The new VNL models provide users with customized cabs, which can choose different configurations. The redesigned door has a larger storage compartment, and the extra switch button is removed. Clever track design can be installed cupboard or storage box, and for Volvo to create the opportunity Temperature Sensor to sell these accessories, and the driver can have more choice. There are multiple USB and 12-volt power connectors in the cab. The steering wheel integrates 21 control buttons, you can control a variety of functions. Five-inch LCD screen for the driver to provide navigation and other important information, infotainment system can also continue to upgrade. The driver can pick up a passenger seat with an integrated refrigerator, placing the drink and food at a tentacle.
  The new VNL models feature a unique design with an inverted hockey bar, with air intake forward, front and side airflow improved and fuel economy improved. Thanks to the new aerodynamics of the new VNL model, the fuel economy of the test vehicle has increased by 1%. I-Shift's transmission can remember the hills according to the route and adjust the truck speed accordingly. VNL's fuel efficiency increased by 6% compared Pressure Sensor to the previous version of the Volvo XE powertrain. The new VNL models are equipped with a new frontier stabilizer bar system, which is not available on past VNL models. Different stabilizers have significant differences in handling and driving sensations. New VNL models of the stability of the bar at low speed and cruise when the performance is very good, you can easily walk in the car and quiet sleep.