Kitchen –
Your kitchen may get some attention. But how often do you clean out this important space? If you want to keep your kitchen in tip-top shape, check out our insider ideas for a neat and clean house with minimal effort.

Follow this guide to deep-cleaning the toughest areas of your kitchen in Bellevue WA:

1. Clean Bench Tops, Cupboards and Drawers –

Cleaning the entire kitchen can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. You can divide the tasks into smaller ones and prepare a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule. If you want to clean cupboards, drawers and bench tops, here are a few easy-to-use cleaning tips you should follow:

Clean Bench Tops

Just empty the cabinets and clean up them, if there are any crumbs or strays left inside. Wipe out using a combo of vinegar and water.

If there’s presence of any stubborn, bottom-of-the-sauce-bottle mark etc., you should hit the area directly with a mix of hot water and vinegar.

To keep bench tops, handles on cupboards and doors in top-shape, prepare a mixture of tea-tree oil, three tablespoons of liquid soap and hot water. Then wipe the affected areas with microfiber cloths.

2. Clean Stove Tops –

When it comes to cleaning a stove top, vinegar must be your perfect companion. It’s wise to keep stove tops stain-free as daily accumulated food spills can make surfaces smelly. Cleaning with vinegar and water can help you keep stove tops neat and clean.

Clean Stove Tops

If you want to deep-clean stove tops, using dish washing liquid and warm water can loosen stuck-on splotches and splats. For cleaning, try a rubber spatula. To get rid of stubborn stains, you should dry the surface with cotton and try to keep the space dry – making sure that bacterial won’t make itself as home.

3. Clean up Sinks –

Wiping down the sink can be done daily. If you want deep-clean of sinks with stainless steel finishes, you should visit the supermarket and pick up at least 10 limes. Prepare a fresh lime juice and combine with a cup of baking soda – which is an ideal antidote for scrubbing inside the sink.

Sink Cleanup

4. Clean the Fridge –

A fridge is the needy item in the kitchen. You can clean fridge doors by wiping down with a vinegar and water mix sprayed onto a microfiber cloth. Though fridges are very well-known absorber of odors, take some time to remove everything from the fridge and clean the interior with a mixture of water and baking soda. Always try to throw out too-old food from the fridge; otherwise you’ll just make it harder on yourself. This is a quick tip you can follow for your regular  house cleaning exercise.

Fridge Cleaning

5. Clean the Bins –

Keeping the bin spick and span is one of the most important aspects of house cleaning in Bellevue WA. However, bins can harbor germs; which can give rise to bad smells. Using a germ-killing disinfectant or a mixture of water and vinegar regularly can help you avoid bad odors. Besides, lemon juice can be a handy cleaning agent to keep odors at bay.

Clean the Bins

Conclusion –

The kitchen is the heart and the center of attraction of a home; but it gets dirty first. Tackle the much-used kitchen’s toughest spots with Bellevue house cleaning of Rain City Maids – a certified cleaning specialist proudly serving Bellevue, Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Redmond and Woodinville, WA. Check out Rain City Maids Reviews and find out what our clients say about our house cleaning service in Bellevue WA!

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