We want to give some of the electronics field to the car, we humans would like the car at least more like we humans. Hoping to park in your garage within the automatic driving car is actually a car on the wheel of precision computers. It may be connected to your room Wi-Fi network. It knows when you sleep, it knows when you are awake. It knows when you want to do good or bad things. One morning your car is sending you to work place, and you want to take Sensor this opportunity to pay the bill, then hackers can steal your account and password from the air. Or you may find that you've become the hapless in the plot of Matt Damon's action movie, and you find that your car computer is being controlled by the mob and is opening to something you've never heard of Local drug trade. Some want to monitor the activities of individuals in the real world. You will not want it all to happen to your car, happening in your life. You want your auto-driving car's encrypted communication to ensure that you will not be the target of the ill-intentioned person.

   Few people like to drive in the ice and snow. Perhaps only the Nordic Norwegian people will fall in love with the snow on the drive. Most of us are afraid of it. If the car can drive in the snow, it will be very great, but also we expect, but it is impossible, at least not now. Anyway, the current autopilot still relies Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor on cameras and sensors to detect the surrounding world, including the lane divider and mark the white line at the edge of the road. When the snow covered these signs, the automatic driving car on the road can only be like a drunken robot.

   The autopilot still needs the driver to sit on the driver's seat to help deal with the tricky problems such as snowy or chaotic road interchanges. But Google's other cute little guy is completely unmanned - there is no steering wheel or pedal at all. If this becomes a viable means of transport, then the shape and purpose of the car can be completely redefined. In addition to being convenient, passengers can also take an extra 45 minutes of sleep on their way to work, which is very practical.

   The new technology of car-to-car communication, or the V2V called the children, will make unmanned things possible. The car will be able to perceive each other and make some conversations: 'Hey, the blue car is over there.' 'Oh, hey, it's a red all-electric car.' 'I'm going through this crossroads. How can I get a green light at all the junctions or later? '' Oh, I'm an electric car. 'My sensor told me that I would meet a red light in front of me.' The car will communicate with each other, including Traffic buses, emergency vehicles, and even communication with traffic lights and other infrastructure. The car will be like people chatting in the same chat, but more useful.

   Although the car is a new technology, but the autonomy is not parking. Putting this relatively old feature on our wish list looks a bit stupid. However, if a self-driving car can be in the mall parking lot to find their own parking spaces? Can be sensors, cameras and traditional odometer data together to help from the car can also be self-parking. Automatically drive the car to find the  Temperature Sensor line marked 'parking space' and then determine if there is any obstacle to the space, such as whether there is another car parked there. When it finds an empty parking space, it tells the driver that the driver decides whether to stop here or find another better parking space. Of course, when driving a car, it must be able to see the environment, so the night parking must still be borne by the human driver.

   Many of the autopilot cars that are still under test and even used in everyday life can travel on less complex roads and do well. But in other cases, such as complex traffic roads, traffic, and rain and snow, they are occasionally needed, and even must be the help of human drivers. This means that you also need to sit in the car, stare at the road, observe the surrounding environment, pay attention to what has or will happen, and be prepared to help, or take over the car from the autopilot system, or take emergency measures to step on the brakes. This is the status quo of most of the autopilot cars being developed.

The real self-driving car is ready for the road. And, as we have already mentioned, they have a cute car, neither a steering wheel nor a throttle and a brake pedal. You once in the car inside, on the car side of the things, you have nothing to worry about the. It will take full responsibility Throttle Position Sensor for everything from your car to your destination. During this period, we can rest, can eat breakfast, watch cartoons, we can also view our favorite website, of course you can also pay the bill, ready to get off before the need to prepare things.

  As long as we can get rid of the inconvenience of driving a car, we can also get rid of the need to car to the gas station to add fuel trouble. Now some gas stations already have robots to pump.