Wal-Mart, the world's leading provider of improved safety, efficiency and intelligent interconnect technology for commercial vehicles, announced on August 24 that it has signed an agreement to Sensor acquire private holding company Chi Parsons Steering Systems Limited. Chi Piper is a major supplier of commercial vehicle technology, providing industry-leading vehicle steering capabilities, headquartered in Hannover, Pennsylvania.

   Chi Pai is a major tier-one supplier in North America, offering a range of power steering units that set the industry standard for heavy-duty commercial vehicles and specialty vehicles. Chi Pinda has more than 900 employees, also provides precision engine pumps and leading remanufacturing services. At the same time, the company will own manufacturing and advanced casting capacity vertical integration, Weibo Ke is expected to be used for some products. Through an exclusive agreement with leading Suction Control Valve  steering drive suppliers, Chi Chi will provide a compact, cost-effective groundbreaking technology solution that provides active steering control to North American commercial vehicle manufacturers. The acquisition is another important milestone for Weibo Ke to promote commercial vehicle driving. It has a clear view of basic technologies such as active steering, active braking, electronic stability control and other advanced driving assistance systems, which will be an important step for the industry to achieve full automatic driving.

   The overall dynamic control of commercial vehicles - both lateral and vertical - is necessary for the progressive realization of the industry's automatic driving vision. The acquisition of Chi Pai let us have a key capability, that is, by taking the initiative to achieve lateral control. This is the cornerstone of the complementary control of WABCO's leading active braking, stability and suspension control technologies. Chi Piper has been using its technology Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to develop products that are specially developed outside of North America. Chi Piper has already produced and sold these products through a joint venture in China and will enter the rest of the world with WABCO's global network.

Chi Piper's president and chief executive are confident in joining WABCO's prospects. Leading technology will be fully integrated into the Weibo Ke industry leader in the strategy for the company in North America and the world to create opportunities for further development. Weibo is the world's leading provider of improved safety, efficiency and intelligent interconnection technology for commercial vehicles. Weibo Ke has been established for nearly 150 years, continuing to lead the commercial vehicle advanced driving assistance system, brake system, stability control system, suspension system, gearbox automatic control system and aerodynamic solutions technology breakthrough Innovation. WABCO collaborates with the transportation industry Temperature Sensor to achieve full automatic driving, creating a unique interconnection between trucks, trailers, cargo, drivers, business partners and fleet operators through advanced fleet management and mobile solutions.