Welcome to our oh so different and oh so special group!  Why is this group different?  Very soon, we will have a new puzzle for you to play each and every day!  We are currently working out the kinks and the bugs so that we make this an incredible experience for you to enjoy every single day.  So, if you arrive and find something is not working perfectly, don't get discouraged!   Make a comment (all are so appreciated) and know we are working on it!   

I would also love for this to be a place where you can come and talk about the challenges and rewards of your gracefully aging brain.  Share a story, talk about strategies, find some answers, and come back for more!

I am so excited that you are here and look forward to playing together!!!  


Ruth Curran's passion and area of intense study is the connection between the brain and daily functioning. Ruth built a business around using brain health as a way to increase engagement. She created a series of white-labeled, customizable, photo-based thinking puzzles, games, and Apps and writes about brain healthy living. Ruth’s primary focus is on using games and “play” to inspire players to imagine, use strategies, and focus as a path to better thinking, better functioning, and better quality of life. Ruth believes that everyone - no matter the stage of life - has the power to harness and use neuroplasticity to live a richer, deeper, and fuller life-- and brands can tap into that to provide meaningful engagement tools. Visit her at: Cranium Crunches and Brain Based Solutions, Inc.