for any of you who have found this group welcome .. all i can say so far is don't follow me cause i'm lost too .. but i'm sure we'll figure it out as go along .. the thing that confuses me just a bit is it asks me what i want to do after i click on my groups and i say start a discussion and pfft. i dunno what happens after that but it don't bring me here thats for sure .. so i guess you have to scroll all the way down to groups to do that ?? it don't seem all that user friendly but i suppose it will get easier as we go along .. anyway .. join up and introduce yourselves .. tell us a bit about what kinda gitfiddle ya got .. amps .. stuff like that .. music ya like .. don't be shy .. me i like all kinds of music except that electronic shit and rap .. but my favorite is what i'd call americana .. which is a bit of everything .. not quite blues or rock or country or folk or bluegrass but yet its all those things .. i think i'm way past the point of playin my guitar on 11 thru marshall stacks .. i can't deny it was a great time tho back then but we al have to move on .. i still play electric but i try and keep it down to a dull roar .. little 15 watt class A tube amps are enough for me .. unless i'm playin bass .. then i'd need my ampeg ba115 .. but any more than that is probably too much .. and pedals ? oh yeah .. i have a shitload of em .. so lets talk some guitars and amps .. and acoustics too .. shit i even got a banjo .. who knew huh ??