Many of you know this story already. Some of you don't. 

When I started looking around a while ago for a place just for Baby Boomers, like myself, I couldn't find anywhere that was exactly the place for Boomers that I wanted it to be. Sure, there's a few other places around, and some are quite nice and run by some fantastic people, but none were really what I was looking for. That's when I started the investigations and inquiries that ultimately led me to build Boomeon -- a place by and for Boomers that I'm proud to be sharing with you all.

Fast forward to today, and as I write this we're quickly going to be coming up on Boomeon's first birthday. In this first year there's been a lot of excitement, I can tell you, and there's certainly more yet to come! So I started this group as a place for me to share news I want to share, funny and insightful things from around this crazy internet, and whatever else comes across my desk that I think you might be interested in.

Of course, as with any group on Boomeon you're free to leave the group at any time by clicking the big "Leave Group" button at the top left of the group page, or simply to turn off emails about my ramblings by clicking the "Turn off email notifications for group's activity" link a little ways down on the right.

But I do hope you stick around -- who knows, I just might entertain you from time to time!

Bill Murphy,
Founder and CEO, Boomeon

Bill Murphy, founder of Boomeon, working at hs desk