The identify ‘Wellington’ incorporates aworldwidestanding in trainingwith thebesthigh quality of teaching and learning and so it truly is at Wellington Higher educationInternational Shanghai. Now into our prosperousthirdyr we continue onto attract on abovea hundred and fiftymany yearson the heritage, excellence and achievement of our spousecollege, the distinguished royal basis, Wellington College or university in Berkshire.

Wellington SchoolGlobal Shanghai enjoys the strongest achievableback links with Wellington in England. These back links are obvious in each individual sphere of facultylife, from the Wellington Aptitudes model of education and learning, the main targetto the Wellington Values along with the Wellington Identity, the adoption of thestandard Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior Schoolproduct, to your pastoral careby means of our housemethod, your house names and our pupils’ uniform.


We havegreat ambitions for Wellington SchoolIntercontinental Shanghai. We would like it to getthe bestintercontinentalfaculty in Shanghai, in China, as well as inthe earth. We have the staff, the amenities, the meansalong with the philosophy to attain that. Our ambitions for thathigher educationconcentration on encouraging our pupils grow to bethe easiestadultsthey can be. Now we havea transparentcomprehending of what that involves and we describe it as the Wellington Identity. A Wellingtonian will likely beinfluenced, intellectual, unbiased, personal and inclusive. We knowwhich theincrediblyidealuniversitiesestablishthe completeyoungster and we havesupplya distinctiveworking experience that develops all the Wellington aptitudes: ethical, non secular, reasonable, linguistic, bodily, cultural, social and private. Underpinning these aspirations which philosophy is our commitmentto the Wellington values of kindness, bravery, integrity, respect and obligation.

Shanghai is a fantasticintercontinentalmetropolisplus areallyinteresting and stimulating spot todwell. At Wellington in Shanghai, we aredevelopinga collegethat is an enjoyable, stimulating and rewardingatmosphere for formidable and talentedinstructors.

Wellington’s fantasticstructures and campus supplyserviceswith a scale and also aselectionwhich thewidethe greater part of intercontinentaleducational institutions can only aspiration about. Wellington Facultywithin theBritish islesis amongquite possibly the most prestigious and well-known boarding collegesin thenation, and we in Shanghai offer a amount of provision that is definitelycomparable in every singlefeeling.

Opened in August 2014 within the New Bund Area, Wellington UniversityWorldwide Shanghai can be alively and well-liked co-educational facultyfeaturingbestcourse British schooling for pupils aged 2-18 decades.

Wellington Faculty in Shanghai is at every singleamount an extension of our partneruniversity, Wellington Schoolin the united kingdom, a royal foundation, courtingagainaboveone hundred and fifty a long time. Our partnership is exclusiveamongst British educational institutions, the strengths and breadth with theback linksbeingunprecedented.

The Wellington campus providesthe best in educationalservices for our pupils, purpose-built, and incorporating almost everythingnecessaryfor educational and extra-curricular excellence in 21st-century education. They contain state-of-the-art lecture rooms, science laboratories and artwork / style workshops, the faculty Library, a Carrying out Arts Centre with dedicatedfollow rooms, dance studios, black box and at its heart, the 500-seat Faculty theatre as well as theMainSports activities Centre plus arangeof outdoorsportsfacilities - football, rugby and cricket pitches, basketball, tennis and squash courts, a 400m joggingkeep track ofalong with a 25m swimming pool.