If you’ve seen a chiropractor Denver or have visited any chiropractic clinics in your area, then you know that they “Crack your Bones” and that scares you a bit.


Okay! This is your initial visit to a chiropractor Denver Back; you are not totally sure why you are there except that someone recommended you see a chiropractor. You might be in pain from some unknown cause, or you have been in a car wreck, either way, you’re in the chiropractor's office for a chance to rid yourself of the pain. You’ve never really thought of going to a chiropractor, all you really know about it is that they “crack your bones” and that sounds nerve wracking to you. Since the person who recommended you come was helped tremendously by a chiropractor. You are giving it a try and set up the appointment. This scenario is a very frequently played out at most chiropractic offices. This article is written for the sceptics out there. I will explain in a very general way, what to can expect on the initial visit to the chiropractor and hopefully dispel any fears one might have.


1. On the original visit you will have some kind of consultation with the chiropractor. At this first consult you and the doctor will discover the main problem you’re having, a through an exam, and possibly x-rays of your spine will be taken if needs are.


2. Just like going to your regular doctor, you’ll be filling out lots and lots of forms for insurance and medical history.


3. Depending on your individual condition and health, your first visit might be anywhere from forty-five minutes up to two hours. The consultation visits are going to be the longest as the chiropractor has to learn your difficult individual areas, as well as any x-ray or another testing. The typical visit to the chiropractor might be anywhere from fifteen minutes to forty-five minutes.



4. Depending on your precise case and problems your treatment might be any and or all of the following not in any sort of order:


Chiropractic adjustment/manipulation delivered by hand or an apparatus (there are many different techniques that chiropractors may use), massage, hot or cold packs, acupuncture, neuromuscular re-education, muscle stimulation, ultra sound, mobilization/rehab exercise and stretching, trigger point therapy, and finally nutritional supplementation.


5. After the doctor looks at all of the information collected from the initial consult and any other tests such as x-rays, the doctor shows you all the findings. The chiropractor will give you a diagnosis, whether and a prognosis on what can be done. They can also tell you what kind of timeline you are looking at to fix the problem with goals and a treatment plan and how much money it will be.


6. Going to a chiropractor is going to be much like as to your family doctors office. The office will be very similar; there will most likely be receptionists, and one or more chiropractors attending to patients.


7. After your consult and payment and depending on how things are run at their office you might be given an adjustment on the same day.


8. Along with a treatment plan and whether your condition is acute or chronic your treatment plan might be over in just one to three visits, but this is most often not the case. Most patients will come on scheduled visits for a predetermined amount of time which might change depending on how you respond to treatment. An example might be 3-4 visits a week for two weeks, then two visits per week for two weeks and so on. When you have findings meeting on your second visit you and your chiropractor will create a treatment plan that will work best for your present situation.



9. After getting treatment and before leaving the office your chiropractor should give you some instructions on how to care for yourself after your visit and until the next session. Then usually make your payment arrangements and make your next appointment.There you have it. There are the basics of what you can expect when you make your initial visit to a chiropractor.


Did you know that being a chiropractor is the third largest health care job in the United States today?



Millions of Americans seek health care from chiropractors every year. The reason that so many people seek chiropractic care every year is that of the type and the quality of care as well as the results they end up with. There are thousands of highly trained and skilled chiropractors all across the United States of America that are dedicated to giving the very best care achievable.

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