Concrete blocks featuring core void area larger than 25 percent of the overall area is known as hollow concrete blocks. You can find these blocks manufactured in diverse shapes & sizes as mentioned below:


  • Standard size hollow concrete block – 39 cm x 19 cm x 30 cm

  • Hollow building tiles – 39 cm x 19 cm x 20 cm

  • Hollow concrete blocks for partitions – 39 cm x 19 cm x 10 cm

Some of the most important advantages of hollow concrete blocks are as follows:

Quick execution of work: Hollow concrete blocks are uniform & regular in size and carry less weight. This helps in quick accomplishment of work.

Increase floor area: It’s feasible to build thin walls employing hollow blocks. Thus it assists to save on space & augment floor area.

Decrease construction expenses: Hollow concrete blocks aids in saving construction materials, thus use of them decrease construction expenditures. Use of large sized concrete block decreases the number of joints in a construction work, hence assists in saving plaster.


Better insulation property: Hollow concrete blocks feature great insulation properties against heat, sound and dampness.

Durable: Hollow concrete block can securely survive the most unfavorable of climatic condition and it needs no protective layer.

Employment of inexperienced labours: Inexperienced labours can be used in the building of hollow concrete construction.

Excellent bonding of mortar & plaster: Existence of rough surface on hollow concrete blocks offer excellent bonding of mortar & plaster.


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