Are you looking for a way to enhance various business components’ protection? If so, you might need a Fire rated enclosure. Commonly referred to as fire protection enclosures, these consist of a protective barrier that goes around and shields vital things like control equipment, critical cabling, piping, and more. Once an enclosure gets installed, if a fire breaks out, the inner workings of your business have protection. Ultimately, the enclosure prevents destruction or at least reduces the level of damage.

Depending on the components that need protection, you have different options. For example, you can choose from a one-hour to four-hour fire rated enclosure. What that means is that the enclosure will perform its duties for that duration of time before a fire or excess heat would break through. The longer the protection time, the more opportunity first responders have to get a fire under control.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, fire protection enclosures offer several other upsides. For example, you stay compliant with building codes; because of that, you never have to worry about stiff financial penalties or even temporary shutdown if your business gets inspected but fails. Also, by being compliant, you may be able to negotiate lower insurance rates.


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