The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aries never sleeps and offers a plethora of sights and activities to do and explore. On a Buenos Aries tour, you will get an opportunity to experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle and cultural exploration. Buenos Aries enjoy a temperate climate, which helps every visitor and tourist to enjoy an exciting city tour of Buenos Aries.

Let us discuss the top things to do and explore on a Buenos Aries city tour:

1. Teatro Colon:

Entertainment and art lover will be very much impressed by visiting the Teatro Colon, which is a famous theater. This theater in Buenos Aries is considered as one of the top opera houses in the world. Teatro Colon is a must-see attraction in BA if you are passionate about art and entertainment. This theater offers tours, which will help you to explore the historical and cultural elements of Teatro Colon’s architecture. This theater is one of the most recommended sites for visitors and tourists.

Teatro Colon

2. Recoleta Cemetery:
The magnificent Recoleta Cemetery is a not-to-miss place on a tour of Buenos Aries. This place has a beautiful setting to stroll around and witness the Eva Peron’s grave site. The Recoleta Cemetery is filled with intricate mausoleums (with impressive stonework). On the tourist attraction list, this place is rated high and proves to be worth for a visit to witness the mausoleums, headstones, and statues of the country’s most notable citizens.

Recoleta Cemetery

3. San Telmo Market:

It will be a treat for you to explore the San Telmo Market, which comes to life every Sunday. In this market, you will find everything from beautiful antiques, jewelry, souvenirs to clothing.

San Telmo Market

4. Centro Cultural Kirchner:
In 2005, the Centro Cultural Kirchner turned into a cultural center. You will find that inside this building there are multiple galleries, auditoriums and event spaces. Inside the Centro Cultural Kirchner, you can see the Ballena Azul, which is a concert hall with incredible music acoustics that accommodates 1800 people.
Centro Cultural Kirchner

5. Tango Show:

One of the must-do or watch activities that every visitor or tourist should consider is the Tango show. Incredibly touristy things in Buenos Aries, watching a Tango performance will leave you speechless. There are many tango houses that host the best Tango shows in Buenos Aries, which offers a great opportunity to a visitor to witness an expressive art or dance form.

Tango Show

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