Here is the list of some useful and advanced feature of QuickBooks Enterprise:

1. The users to sell negative Inventory.

2. QuickBooks will Disallow its user to sell to overdue customers.

3. Hide opening balances preference for customers and vendors.

4. Arrange lines in sale and purchase transactions.

5. Arrange lines in sale and purchase transactions.

6. Reports lines in the sale and purchase transactions.

7. Get reports for negative items lists.

8. Showing cost on sales transactions.

9. Calculate sales and purchase transaction in all fields.

10. Snapshot report.

11. It Comprises of Industry-specific editions.

12. Advanced Pricing.

13. Advanced Reporting.

14. Row shading on transactions forms when printed.

15. Advanced Inventory system.

16. Cloud Hosting (Optional)

17. Payroll

Hope this answer helps you to understand about features of Enterprise.

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