Welcome to Boomeon. Soon we will be getting messaging and we will be able to communicate much better. Most of us have our profiles set to private and I for one don't know what you like so I can message you about my awesome group or tell you what the newest hot topic is. A friend of mine suggested that in preparation for the great day when messaging arrives we should try to share as many interests as we can now.

I am LaylaTX, the first part is my favorite song title and the last two letters is my State. I love my mostly grown kids, my pets, my home. My husband died in 2000 of lung cancer (a terrible way to die). I love greenhouse gardening. I don't eat beef and am vegan about half of the time. I am on the VB6 eating plan by Mark Bittman. I also try to stay away from processed foods, sugar, salt and chocolate. I like rock and roll and jazz. I will be taking over the care of my care home bound mother the middle of the month.

That should be enough to get me some messages when the service gets up and running.

What about you? Tell us all of your interests!!!