Veiled chameleon

Veiled chameleons are popular for their large size, cuteness and the beauty of their skin. They are great pets, yet they are pretentious and one must take good care of them in order to keep them healthy. They are insectivores and they like to be fed living insects, but that is not all.

If you decide to buy a veiled chameleon, there are a few things that you should know about them, from the early stages of their life until their adulthood.

·         They are some of the largest chameleon species

·         They are great as pets

·         They must grow in individual tanks until they are 8 months old

·         They must be well fed and hydrated

·         They need to have a balanced diet

·         They need to move and hide a lot

What does a veiled chameleon need to eat?

As stated above, veiled chameleons must have a balanced diet, based on insects, plants and supplements. Their favorite foods are crickets and mealworms, but they also like:

·         Wax worms

·         Super worms

·         Pinkie mics

·         Frozen feeder mice

·         Collard

·         Mustard

·         Turnip

·         Dandelion greens

·         Kale

·         Romaine lettuce

·         Vitamin D3

·         Calcium

·         Multivitamins

There are plenty of other foods that large veiled chameleons will eat, which is why you must read their care sheet carefully. With regards to their water intake, it is essential to keep your lizard pet well hydrated. This not only means that you must always make sure that it has water at its disposal, but that it is also clean and fresh. More than that, it needs water in other forms, too, such as through mist. Buy a mister or a fogger and make sure that they release just the right amount of mist inside the tank or cage.

Furthermore, if you want to spoil your chameleon pet, you can buy a small sprinkler and some plants or tiny trees. Sprinkle them with water just enough to make it feel like it lives in its natural habitat. Drippers are also a good choice. Chameleons’ ancestors loved to live in areas with frequent rainfalls or other water sources, which is why they will feel very comfortable near a dripper.

How to keep your veiled chameleon healthy?

Except for a healthy diet, veiled chameleons also need to be offered great conditions in order to lead a healthy life. Their 6 to 8 years life span depends on the quality of the life they have in captivity. Here are a few factors that you must consider when planning on adopting a chameleon:

·         Lighting

·         Temperature

·         Activities

·         Humidity

When it comes to lighting, you must know that chameleons need at least 12 hours of light. The best lighting type that satisfies their needs belongs to the UV category. Buy a UV light bulb that you will keep on for 10-12 every day. Be careful about the distance between your pet and the bulb. It might burn its skin if it is placed too close.

As for the temperature in their tank, it must reach about 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and about 10-15 degrees lower during the night.


Take good care of your chameleon and you will always see it being active and happy.