Growing old means you are more experienced, more aware of the circumstances, more considerate about specific essential factors, and touchier about the minute things. Ever wondered how to have friends with benefits relationship with younger woman who is 10 to 20 years younger than you? How to react to certain situations if they transpire out of nowhere?


Being older doesn’t mean that fwb dating is a plain sailing because you were once her age and you can handle the situations well. These friends with benefits dating sites will help you find a woman younger than your age. We’ll tell you the dos and don’ts of meeting a younger woman to have a fwb date and how to respond to specific situations.

Don’t hide your past

Open up about your past. Don’t assume that she is not your age and she cannot understand what you have been through. Don’t assume that the odds you faced and social and family problems you have been facing are irrelevant to her. Be clear and open about what you have done in your past. The experiences you learned and maturity you gained with time is something that makes you older. You should behave like an older man and portray this well with your mature attitude. Your maturity and the way you approach her define how well managed and sophisticated you are.

Satisfy her to utmost

The reason girl has taken the plunge to date you is that you are mature and you are well experienced to satisfy the girl to her utmost. The woman always seeks pleasure, and you are older than her which means that you have been through this situation and you can help her feel much better. Make sure that you come up with her expectations and fulfill her needs she requires at the time.

Treat her like the girl

Since you are older than her, doesn’t mean that you’ll misuse her for she is immature and cannot behave she is supposed to be. This will not only cast your negative impression but will also highlight the chances she might not date you again.

Leave your immaturity behind

You are a mature guy and know how to deal with fwb relationships. You have been through this situation already and have been mature enough to face such situations. Immature behavior will only lead to crisis, and you might end up losing her for good. Be yourself and present yourself as a mature and well-behaved guy.

Prepare to be judged

There is one thing common to the girls which are judging others even if there is nothing to be judged on. She might judge you, and you don’t need to justify your every act. If it’s not her, then people will judge you for you both have a big age difference.

Stay active

You are older than her, and you need to be active all the time. Don’t make her feel that you are lethargic and drained out. This will weaken your chances to get on the next date with her because you didn’t provide her what she had been expecting.