Point of Sale Integration


The QuickBooks Integration could be a protected tool that grant you to transfer Order, Product, and Customer information between your online store and QuickBooks Online. You may be able to load orders from your online store into QuickBooks, complete with all of the items, Shipping and chargeable information, and Purchaser details.Youll also be able to upload and sync Product and Inventory details to your store directly from QuickBooks, defeat annoying double entry work.

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What is POS?

A point of sale is a combination of software and hardware that allows vendors to take transactions and it's a simple key for daily business operations. POS helps the user in many ways mostly it is easy to evaluate the sale tendency or data, having in knowledge of the empty item and what to purchase.

Why Do You Need Accounting Software?

Point Of Sale structure can provide basic features to QuickBooks, integrals accountancy and bookkeeping tools, however as your business expands, its critical to invest in software package that literally trained in accounting. Keeping correct books and tax information is definitely important for all small businesses,however it's particularly crucial once growth happens.

There actually is no substitute for a software package that makes a specialty of accounting. Everyones interests area unit best served once people attend what they are doing best, and also the same approach applies to software package simultaneously. Integrating with functional software package optimizes your business potential by linking the most effective of everything available. The end conclusion is something truly amaze.

QuickBooks POS Systems

QuickBooks Point Of Sale Systems come wrap bundled with the crucial factor for a complete system such as a PC, monitor, QuickBooks POS software, bar-code scanner, receipt printer, magnetic stripe reader, and cash drawer.

How to Set up Integration between QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks.

Version 10-12

Open POS and choose File > Preferences > Company.

Choose the Financial preference, put a mark on Use with QuickBooks Financial Software and click Set Up QuickBooks Connection Now.

Follow the wizard through to completion, ensuring that the QuickBooks file on the mapped network drive has been selected.

Click Next then Finish.

Version 59

Open POS and choose File > Setup Interview.

From the list, select Financial Exchange and click Yes.

Click Run QuickBooks Connection Wizard and follow the wizard through to completion, ensuring that the QuickBooks on the mapped network drive has been selected.

Click Next then Finish.

Version 4

Open POS and choose File > Setup Interview.

From the list, select Financial Exchange and click Yes to open the browse window.

In the Look in field select the mapped drive and double-click your QuickBooks company file. Complete the Financial Exchange section of the Interview.

Click Leave then Yes to save the changes.

Version 3

Open your data file on the front register computer.

Choose Company > Set Up Users then click Add User.

Enter POS Remote for the User Name. Do not assign a password. Click Next.

Select All areas of QuickBooks and click Next. Then, Yes

On the User List, click Close.

Open Point of Sale and click Company> Interview > Financial Exchange.

If the browse window does not launch:

i) Click the button to the right of the Company File Name field.

ii) From the Look in field, choose the mapped drive and click your QuickBooks company file.

Complete the Financial Exchange section of the Interview.

Click Leave then Yes to save the changes when Financial Exchange is complete.


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