Having your Facebook business Page resemble a ghost town sucks, doesn’t it?

So when it comes to generating a buzz on your Facebook Page, there is palpable pressure and stress to get more Facebook Likes.

Yet, nowadays you can get more Facebook Likes pretty easily, even on tight budgets!

We’ve tested 5 of the most effective ways to get more Facebook Likes with advertising in a real world scenario and, in this post, we’ll analyze how you can use each one of them to grow your Facebook Page.

Facebook Likes are still an extremely valuable asset for your page or business. With recent algorithm changes diminishing organic reach, getting your audience to engage with your content, comment on it, share it and Like it is actually more critical than ever.

We took a deep dive into campaign data to show you the best ways to get more Facebook Likes. Today, we want to revisit that data. We’ll tell you about what’s changed since 2016, what it means for your Like campaigns, and why you (still) shouldn’t be buying Facebook Likes.

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